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Karen Muldoon and Ralph Frattura 

CSD airs developer request to release funds

The Community Services District board centered its attention on developer-related issues at the April board meeting. The main focus was a request by the Rancho North developer to use funds reserved for a future water treatment plant expansion to pay bond delinquencies on six parcels of undeveloped land. (Full letter is enclosed.) The board also dealt with a problematic request to provide water and sewer service to model homes being built in Murieta Gardens. Read more »

RMA sets lot mowing thrugh June

Posted by the Rancho Murieta Association
In an effort to lessen the potential for summer grass fires and to improve the aesthetics of the community, the Rancho Murieta Association’s maintenance department will be mowing the fields throughout the community. Mowing is being done now and we expect to be finished by the end of June 2019. Read more »

A Happy Easter from the Kiwanis

Easter Egg Hunt

Hundreds of children, thousands of eggs, countless memories. That was the Kiwanis Club’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and family picnic event at Stonehouse Park Saturday. Along with three age-specific egg hunts, there were luminous bubbles to chase, cotton candy to eat, cookies to decorate, animals to pet, and the Easter Bunny to visit. Plus, the kids and their families got to see a fire truck up close, a Sheriff’s Department Canine Unit demonstration, and a number from the Murieta Dance Company’s upcoming show.

With tax day in the rear-view mirror...


Optimist Club volunteers arrived at the Rancho Murieta Association parking lot Saturday for the start of the club’s post-tax day document shredding event to find a line of vehicles. It wasn't only the volume of traffic, it was the number of boxes that made it clear the event was a resounding success. At least two people brought 70 boxes of documents, said Bob Wright of the Optimist Club, and many stayed to watch the shredding on a TV screen. Proceeds fund the club’s activities for youth.

Men: 45 teams vie for President's Cup

Posted by Men's Golf Club
The President's Cup, the second major of the year, was contested on the tough North Course on April 13 and 14.  Forty-five teams battled to claim honors in the four flights named after past presidents of the Men’s Club.  Flights were named Randy Twist (gone, but not forgotten), Dennis Martel, Briggs Matsko and Bob Gransee.  To no one’s surprise the overall championship was claimed by Tom (Knuth can’t stop him) Kang and DT Martin.  When does the handicap committee meet again?  Their team score of plus 5 clipped Rich Carlson and Mark Johnson by two.  Winners were: Read more »


Scott Road is Open  
Deer Creek levels

No traffic incidents reported on Murieta commuter roads

Traffic map: Jackson Road traffic speeds and all Sacramento incidents

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