Week 3 of North Gate: first rain delays

The Rancho Murieta Association delivered a weekly report on the North Gate project progress Friday.

Week 3 – Week ending November 21, 2014

  • The over excavation of the roadway continues
  • The sub-base for the roadway continues to be imported and compacted
  • Work on the building pad continues
  • The relocation of the 12” water line nears completion
  • We experience some rain delay this week
  • The forming for the concrete work begins next week

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Returning to RMA board for another term

RMA directors

The re-election of, from left, Sam Somers Sr., Tim Maybee and Bob Lucas to the Rancho Murieta Association board was confirmed at Thursday night’s RMA annual meeting.  The three ran unopposed.  Board President Jim Moore listed the RMA’s accomplishments in the last year, among them a new North Gate, the Summerfest Spray Park at Riverview Park, the flag plaza at Stonehouse Park and the lease of the cable system to Greenfield Communications.  A handful of members attended the 20-minute session, along with four of the seven RMA directors and several RMA staffers.

Some choices to help in season of giving

As cold weather settles in and the holidays approach, there are ways to provide help where it is needed. Here’s a list of opportunites to help in Rancho Murieta: Read more »

Carts are on the move at Plaza Foods

Shopping carts

If you're looking for a shopping cart at Plaza Foods, look outside.  Owner Michelle Lewallen shifted them outdoors -- most of them, anyway -- because she needs room inside for new electric carts to serve those who need the extra help.  Plus it makes room for bakery expansion.  Plus some seniors had asked to get a cart outside to help them walk in.  Last we checked, there were still a few carts inside, in case you insist.  And store employees will still help you to the car with your cart.

Security logs, Oct. 20-Nov. 18

Here are Rancho Murieta's complete Security logs for Oct. 20-Nov. 18, as released to the public. CSD Security edits the logs to remove names and specific addresses before releasing the information. Read more »

North Gate work forces water line move

The North Gate project has provided its first unpleasant surprise, which the Rancho Murieta Association will address by spending $23,500 to move a water pipe. Read more »

Hear his story: Vintner Leon Sobon

Leon Sobon worked for Stanford, Hewlett-Packard and Lockheed before deciding to become a vintner in the late 1970s. Starting from nothing, he worked with his family to build an Amador County winery into one of the area's largest.  Now past 80, Sobon gives back to his community, helping the Kiwanis and other organizations.  Meet the man and hear the story of his wine success.

First look at schedule for fiber rollout in RM

The plan to roll out high-speed cable and internet service to Rancho Murieta’s homes will be based on the current areas of greatest online congestion, a Rancho Murieta Association committee was told last week, and the fiber-optic wiring of the community could be complete by the end of 2015. Read more »

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