Alerts for traffic incidents and Scott Road flooding

You’re invited to join in testing email and text-message alerts at These alerts, a service for site members, tell you when Scott Road is flooded (and when it reopens) and when there’s an incident on the roads we drive to and from Rancho Murieta. Click here for more information.

South sound wall hit by graffiti

GraffitiThe Rancho Murieta Association said it expects to be out Friday removing the graffiti that appeared overnight on the South sound wall on Jackson Road. The black and white spray paint is on the wall at the Bent Grass Court cul-de-sac – inside the chain-link fence, which is topped with barbed wire, that seals the west end of the wall from Jackson Road access. (Click for larger image)

Greenfield explains new TV, internet services

RMA town hall

More than 60 Murietans came out Tuesday night to hear Greenfield Communications CEO Mike Powers take questions about the new services being offered. (Click for larger image)

It was a full house Tuesday night as Mike Powers, president/CEO of Greenfield Communications, explained his company’s new services in Rancho Murieta and fielded two dozen audience questions in a 90-minute town hall meeting. Read more »

CSD explores goals, with focus on Security

Working from a list of 29 possibilities, the Community Services District’s directors last week discussed their goals for the new year in a wide-ranging conversation that focused on Security a good deal of the time. Read more »

Taking in the vastness of the universe

Orion nebula

This is the famous Orion Nebula as captured the other night from the Murieta North backyard of David Scharlach. On a dark, clear night, you can see this nebula with your naked eye, but it’s only a fuzzy patch of light in the string of stars below Orion’s belt. This photo is the result of David’s 4-inch refractor telescope being put to work with a 40-minute exposure on his camera. “I am really pleased with how this came out,” he writes. (Well, yeah!)  If astronomy or astrophotography is a semi-serious interest, David would like to hear from you about setting up a local star party once the weather warms up. He’s at (Click for larger image)

ACE will be playing for higher stakes

Golf family

The Estrada Donnalley family is helping 8-year-old Alexander pursue his golf ambitions. From left are Isabella, 10, and dad Carlos Estrada and mom Allison Donnalley, along with Alexander. There's chips and salsa in it for you. (Click for larger image)

Alexander Estrada, who’s 8, can drive the golf ball 150 yards. His favorite pros go by single names: Rory. Tiger. Bubba. And being a child of this century, Alexander has a YouTube channel where he offers homemade golf instructional videos. Alexander’s initials are A-C-E, and some friends call him ACE, so he opens the videos with a confident and media-wise, “Hey, everyone – ACE here, back with another YouTube video....” Read more »


Scott Road is Open  
Deer Creek levels

Currently 2 traffic incidents on Murieta commuter roads

  • 5:03 PM
    Traffic Collision-(1141 en route)
    Sr51 South US50 East connector / Sr99 North US50 East connector
  • 5:00 PM
    Traffic Collision-(1141 en route)
    US50 East / US50 East SR51 North connector

Traffic map: Jackson Road traffic speeds and all Sacramento incidents

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