Here are monthly costs for dues and fees, as well as information about schools, the community's population and the area's weather.



Monthly homeowners' dues/fees for Rancho Murieta Association, Community Services District and Murieta Townhouses Inc. (as of January 2018)

  • RMA
    • Dues: $139
  • CSD
    • Water (residential base rate): $40.54
    • Sewer: $45.95
    • Security tax: $28.58
    • Drainage tax: $5.02
    • Garbage (916) 354-4154: 64-gallon: $21.01 a month (with Sacramento County surcharge)
  • Townhouses
    • Murieta Townhouses Inc. dues: $184
    • RMA, CSD costs same as above


Elk Grove Unified School District

Rancho Murieta is served by the public schools in the Elk Grove Unified School District, which operates 45 schools for more than 47,000 students in southern Sacramento County. It's the 12th largest district in the state and one of the fastest growing, expanding by more than 2,500 students a year.

The district has some of the highest graduation standards in the state, standards that have been raised three times in the past decade. Several years ago the district adopted standards and benchmarks, which spell out skills students are expected to learn at every grade level, in every subject.

The district encourages parents to be educational partners at every level, from their local school to a superintendent's advisory panel.

Schools serving Rancho Murieta:

  • Children from Rancho Murieta attend Cosumnes River Elementary School, at 13580 Jackson Road, Sloughhouse. The school serves kindergarten through sixth grade. (916) 682-2653

Rancho Murieta is within the service boundaries of Katherine L. Albiani Middle School and Pleasant Grove High School. Due to current overcrowding at these schools, Elk Grove Unified School District is redirecting middle school students from Katherine L. Albiani Middle School to Joseph Kerr Middle School and high school students may be redirected from Pleasant Grove High School to Elk Grove High School.

  • Katherine L. Albiani Middle School, at 9140 Bradshaw Road, Elk Grove, serves seventh and eighth graders. (916) 686-5210
  • Joseph Kerr Middle School, at 8865 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove, serves seventh and eighth graders. (916) 686-7728
  • Pleasant Grove High School, at 9531 Bond Road, Elk Grove, serves ninth through 12th graders. (916) 686-0230.
  • Elk Grove High School, at 9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, serves ninth through 12th graders. (916) 686-7741

For more information, call (916) 686-5085 or visit the district Web site at


Census charts

Here's more about Rancho Murieta's latest census numbers.


  Day Night Rain
January 53 37 3.73
February 59 40 2.68
March 64 42 2.17
April 71 45 1.54
May 79 49 0.51
June 86 54 0.10
July 93 58 0.01
August 91 57 0.05
September 87 55 0.19
October 77 49 0.99
November 63 42 2.13
December 53 38 3.12


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