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Call for a free guest pass to try out our facility. Ask about small group personal training rates and save money by sharing the cost.

Get Fit has been serving Rancho Murieta for more than 20 years from our location near RM Airport, and we're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs.

Workout womanWe have classes six days a week and offer a wide range -- Step, Body Sculpting, Yoga, Low-Impact Aerobics, Conditioning, Agility, Zumba, Triple Cardio Blast and more. We also offer private and group training sessions.

Get Fit Fitness opened in 1998 and was the first gym to open in Rancho Murieta offering 24-hour personal access code, allowing members to work out at their convenience.

Please call 354-0629 or 704-0629 to arrange a visit. I'd love to show you around our 3,000-square-foot facility.

Map to Get Fit

If you're coming to Get Fit for the first time, here's a map.

Group class schedule

  M T W Th F Sa
Small Group Personal Training Small Group Personal Training  

Step / Strength

Interval Training (Kettlebells) Step / Strength
TBA -- See class schedule
Low-impact aerobics Yoga Low-impact aerobics
Small group personal training Small group personal training
Yoga Zumba Step / Strength Body Sculpting

Definitions of the classes

Small Group Personal Training
Affordable – personal training shared in a small group of friends
Group Personal Training is a revolutionary new way to train. Each workout is different. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Join and get results!!!

Using a step platform, cardio training choreographed with the use of the step. Strength training to tone muscles using a variety of weights, tubes, bars, balls and kettlebells

Low-Impact Cardio
Aerobic routines where one foot is always in contact with the floor. A more gentle approach to your joints. Burn calories using the entire body.

Slow paced strengthening class with synchronized breathing. Increase flexibility and strengthen core, legs, arms chest and back. Movements flow from one to another creating a sense of relaxation.

A fusion of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps to the tune of Latin and International music. Fun, high energy and easy to learn.

Interval Circuit
Interval training of strength and aerobic activity. Stations set up around the gym to work all the major muscle groups. Each class is set up differently, giving you a complete body workout.

Body Sculpting
Body sculpting involves a combination of shaping the body for a balanced and symmetrical appearance, using different strength resistance. Body bars, dumbbells, Xer-tubes, medicine balls and kettlebells,

Combining technique and style of boxing and kicking. Strengthening all the major muscle groups with emphasis on your core.

A round weight with a flat bottom and thick handle on top that is used for exercise and weight training all the major muscle groups. Helps define a better sculpted body.

Say hello!

Marlene VierraMarlene Vierra-Ponton is a local resident and owner of Get Fit Fitness Center. She is certified through ACE American Council Exercise and has 20 years' experience teaching group classes and 13 years as a personal trainer. Get Fit Fitness opened in 1998, the first gym to open in Rancho Murieta. As a personal trainer, Marlene offers one-on-one personal training and small group training for two to five clients

Dawn GrovhougDawn Grovhoug has been teaching at Get Fit for over 10 years. She enjoys teaching Step, Body Sculpt and Zumba. Teaching at Get Fit really keeps her motivated and helps keep her stress level down. Dawn says the best part of teaching at Get Fit is all the girlfriends she has made over the years. Dawn brings her energy and enthusiasm to each class.

Susan CathotSusan Catchot has been teaching for 13 years, 11 at Get Fit Fitness Center. Susan enjoys teaching because of the positive environment. The members in her class are there by choice, doing something that makes them feel great physically and mentally. Susan brings her own personality to each class, leaving the members feeling good and fit.

Kerri SchultzKerri Schultz has been teaching at Get Fit Fitness for 10 years. When Kerri is not teaching you can find her attending one of the fun classes at Get Fit. Her favorite class to teach is Step aerobics. She has an amazing choreography for Dual Step and Quad Step. An hour in Kerri’s class will fly when you are following her easy and creative choreography.

Jodi BoyleJodi Boyle started teaching at Get Fit in 2007. In addition to Zumba she teaches Body Sculpting, Interval Training, Stretching and Beginning Step. She looks forward to her evenings in the gym because the members have such energy that she knows each class will be a wonderful challenge.

Get Fit Fitness Center | 14670 Cantova Way, #102 | 354-0629 or 704-0629 | m.vierra@sbcglobal.net