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Contact us now -- or 354-3916. is the area's dominant web operation. Just enter "Rancho Murieta" into Google, Bing or Yahoo web search and see where the site shows up. (Hint: Look in the No. 1 spot.)

The internet and can help put your business in front of customers in ways never before possible. Make your business a part of Rancho Murieta's premier website, one serving the community since 2000, and target your message to upscale customers!

An Internet marketing presence is...

  • More informative than a multi-page flyer!
  • More detailed than a newspaper ad!
  • More colorful than a magazine ad (and without color fees!)
  • More useful than a yellow pages ad!
  • Less expensive than other forms of advertising! enjoys visits from 14,000 to 18,000 users each month -- Murietans and, thanks to the site's rankings in the search engines, people from all over who are interested in Rancho Murieta. These users read 200,000 pages of news and information every month!

They come to to keep up with local news and to learn about the community. The site is all about Rancho Murieta -- thousands of pages of information only about Rancho Murieta -- and it's updated around the clock, seven days a week.

Display advertising

The scrolling ad gives your business presence throughout (including permanent presence on the home page) and lets you change your message weekly!


  • Constant presence in the scrolling ads throughout the site.
  • Ad message easily changed to address specials.
  • Company name is listed among premium advertisers throughout site.
  • Link to your existing site or to a web splash page at

At no extra charge, your display ad purchase also gets you a cube ad, which rotates on every page of the site, and free enhanced presence in the business directory! If your business has specials, you're eligible to list them among our Good Deals on the home page!

Only $99 a month with a six-month commitment!

Display advertisers get ad presence in the Business Directory ... for free!

Business Directory

The Business Directory is a modestly priced way to get your message in front of Rancho Murietans, but it's not modest exposure!

Every directory listing lets you show the basics of your business -- name, address, phone, e-mail and Web link -- and gives you enough space to say why a customer should be hiring you.


  • Advertise your business more aggressively than your competitors
  • Include your logo and e-mail
  • Link to an existing Web page (or have one created for you)

Only $129 a year!

Real estate advertising

There's no better way to market Rancho Murieta properties than through We reach everyone in the community -- a place where many residents move from home to home. And anyone interested in relocating to Rancho Murieta will find their way to through the search engines.

Real estate listings have a special home, the Murieta Homes section of the site.  Weekend open houses are showcased on the front page of the site and included in a video at Murieta Homes. All listings from participating brokers or agents are included in a map of listings.

Advertisers are eligible to advertise rental listings at no extra charge!

Only $199 a month with a six-month commitment!

Home rental advertising

If you want to rent a home, you can enjoy the reach of for only $29 a month.

Contact us now -- or 354-3916.

Ad specifications

Our scroll ad is 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels deep, with a maximum file size of 25KB.