Last year we adopted 2 beautiful lionhead rabbits with the impression (two veterinarians!) that we had two females, so we thought we had some time before we needed to spay them. Well, as we found out at Christmas this year, we ended up with 5 adorable babies. They are 4 months old. All female, but I would get a second opinion. These are purebred lionheads. We don't have them registered, but I'm sure we could hunt down their lineage. They are litterbox trained.

We would like to find a home for the tortoise mother rabbit as well. (She's the one standing on her haunches next to her other brown baby.) She is very sweet but she's unhappy here because we have a beagle. I love her, and would really like to see her find a home where she can be happy. She is 1 year old.

We want to make sure that these rabbits go to a good home as a pet, which is why we're charging the $20 adoption fee. These are not good rabbits for food.

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