Looking for an Office Manager/Customer Service Representaive & also a part time Marketing Representative


Local Rancho Murieta Farmers Insurance Ageny is expanding and looking for two more employee's. One would be a full time, Office Manager/Customer Service Manager, and the second position is for a part time Marketing/Account Representative position. This position could become full time based on how well that person performs, as well as how much the agency continues to expand.

Fun, fast paced office enviornment. Great opportunity for advancement & unlimited income!

Please call Wendy Mazzoni @ 916.337.1855 to discuss.

Got Bait?


Aloha. The Paradise classroom is looking for bait. I plan on presenting the phenomenon of bait and ability to catch fish to engage my students in making claims that are backed with evidence and reasoning. If you have any frogs, eggs, flies, etc. and would like to donate them, please call or text 916-952-1772. Or, you can drop at 7335 Zancad court. Mahalo. 

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