Looking for Vinyl Records and Stereo Equipment



My name is Tony...I live in the North and am very interested in rebuilding my (and my son's) vinyl record collection. Please give me a call (or text) if you have some old vinyl records you may be interested in getting rid of. I'm also looking for vintage stereo gear for my collection.




Road Bike Wanted


I am looking to buy a used road bike for my son...if you have one you might want to sell, please call Paul at (925) 683-2404. I'm willing to pay as much as $300.

Thank You!

Room For Rent $550 Plus Shared Utilities and CSD


Downstairs bedroom.  Roommate will have full access to all other rooms in a two story townhouse located at 6808 Domingo Drive.  I prefer no extra pets due to the fact that I have cats and a small dog.  If you have allergies to either of those then this would not work for you.  My bedroom is upstairs and I keep a clean house.  Rent will be $550 per month with shared utilities and CSD.  CSD is $158 a month divided by 2 and SMUD averages about $170 a month divided by 2 so your looking at about $700-750 a month.

Refrigerator Working or Non Working


Wanted: full size refrigerator working or non working for theater production.  Looking for green, gold or colored if possible.  Your refrigerator will be used as a stage piece for The Mainstreet Theater Works in Jackson, CA.  If you have one that is free, a loaner, or will sell cheap please contact me.  Please leave me a message if not available.  

Cathy/Prop Mistress

(801) 633-1056

Fishing Boat Cover


Looking for a cover for a 10-12'  one man fishing boat.  Call or text 916-769-2313.

Moving Boxes Needed


Hello All,

If you've got any moving boxes or boxes that can be used for moving, I will come and pick them up. My number is 9162207236. 

Thank you,


Wanted - Watercolor Painting Supplies for a Beginner


Being new to watercolor painting, I'm interested in used or new supplies including paints, brushes, paper, tools, etc.

(916) 764-0653

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