Broom Stick or Mop Stick Donations Needed for School Musical


My school needs 64 broomsticks or similar types of sticks to make our chimney sweeps' brushes for our musical production of Mary Poppins.   We will be cutting off the mop heads and broom heads to replace with our chimney sweep brushes, so donations of worn out brooms and such would be perfect.  You can text me at 916-709-2787 with your address for pick up or you can leave them on my porch at 7309 Leyenda Court.  Thanks for your help!  Maralee Duffek

Acoustic Jammers Wanted


let’s Get together and do some jamming. 

Acoustic instruments. 

Roots Music, Old Time and Bluegrass. 

Beginners welcome. 

Call or text 916-794-6150

Laptop needed


My 12 year old granddaughter is in need of a laptop for school. She is in middle school and has to stay at school to complete her homework each day. "Affordable or less,


Jackie miner 775-671-7407

I live across in the village


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