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Marcia Coursonexpounds.

I have read Mrs. Coursons right wing ramblings for years now and have often just shaken my head at the nonsense she 

expounds. This latest opinion from the 4/11/2018 RVT issue just went too far.

Her statement that “black men might be better off at home after a certain hour” literally made me physically ill. 

The Nazis began with curfews for the Jews before the real horrors got going but I guess that’s ok in Mrs  Coursons book  

Advocating curfews for black men is so sickeningly racist I cannot believe she put that on paper and thought it was perfectly acceptable. 

Oh, wait a minute, yes I can. Given the tremendous amount of vitriol she has spewed in the past, I certainly can believe it  

No, we don’t need to “ask ourselves before overreacting or advocating reduction of these shootings.”  Of course we need to reduce these shootings, we need to reduce ALL shootings. 

Yes, Mrs. Courson,  I certainly understand “why comprehending the news is so difficult” for you. 

That statement you made speaks for itself


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Attention to RVT column

The Marcia Courson column is getting widespread attention. In addition to a Bee story today, RanchoMurieta.com has had calls from Fox40 and Channel 13 about it. Here's a snippet from the Bee story:

River Valley Times publisher Dave Herburger said he was responsible for allowing the column to run but that it was "a complete miss" on his part. Herburger said the paper's editor was out because of a family illness and he had failed to read the column before it published.

He said the piece was "not acceptable."

"It connotes Nazi Germany," Herburger said. "Having a race-based curfew is totally unacceptable."

Herburger said he had spoken to Courson and she was crafting a response that would run in the next edition. He said Courson was "very apologetic."

See the full Bee story: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article208846864.html

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Marsha has written many offensive opinion pieces

I'm glad to hear that the owner of the RVT has explained why Marsha's opinion piece was put in his newspaper. It's so incredibly offensive I was shocked but not surprised that she believes this bigoted crap. I'm glad many have called her out on her latest article, though I haven't read the paper for over a year because of Marsha's increasingly outrageous beliefs. 

Myrna Solomon

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Fox40 story on column

Here's the Channel 40 piece on the column, broadcast around 6:40 p.m.:

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Too bad the reporter from

Too bad the reporter from Fox40 didn't do her homework.  The River Valley Times reaches more than Rancho Murieta, as she gestured to the North gate...  My friends in Wilton get a kick out of our Security Logs.   River Valley Times.  The name alone suggests more than Rancho Murieta.  But, again, let's not the facts get in the way...

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The latest Marcia Courson

The latest Marcia Courson column was simply a continuation of her illogical and unreasoned approach to all issues

.  Her remarks are always full of gross generalizations, simplistic solutions, and misrepresentations.  She shows a lack of ability to think critically and constantly gives us her indignant, righteous version of truth.  Her comments are an insult to our community.  In this column she can't even spell the headline correctly; it should have been "affect!"  The newspaper claims as its mission to stand for integrity.  If the RVT has any integrity, it will not allow Marcia Curson to continue to besmirch its pages.

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I totally agree Linda and was finally sick of allowing her to have this forum which is why I posted that article and my response to it on my Facebook page this morning. Social media can be a powerful tool! I told a few friends and they told a few friends and it snowballed quickly. I was unhappy with the response I received from David (the GM of RVT) as I feel that RVT has given this woman  platform to spew her ignorance for 10 yerars which has been 10 years too long. She needs to go. 

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That’s too bad that that is

That’s too bad that that is all that you got out of this 

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Please Help Me Marsha

My confusion goes back to a previous column where you were defining the inner city.  You settled on the term "ghetto" to help educate us. I am a New Yorker and  I assume that I fall into the "ghetto category".  I am really confused. While I am "ghetto", I am also a white male.  Exactly what time am I required to be home?  If I am a US Citizen, do I get an extra hour? I had a friend from Ghana staying in my home last week (Don't worry...he's a US Citizen).  Can he stay out an extra hour if I accompany him?  I hope that you will save some space in your "apology column" to more clearly define the rules for us. 

Thanks for "labelling" our community.  Apologize, go away and use the spare time to take some journalism classes. Take a trip to my old Bronx neighborhood (161st Street and River Avenue) and meet some really nice people.

Just go before 10pm.

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Channel 13's story

Channel 13's coverage of the story: https://cbsloc.al/2qyu5d8

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The Bee published an article about it today(Local section, pg. 2b). I was disturbed, but not surprised, by the number of commenters supporting her position.

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Courson petition has 126 signatures

As of 2 p.m. Saturday, the Change.org petition calling for Marcia Courson's dismissal has 126 signatures.


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RVT story goes international

MailOnline, the website of the British Daily Mail tabloid, has picked up the River Valley Times story (and made a couple of errors, including the newspaper's name):


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She agrees she made a mistake

Ray and I are very frustrated with all the negative comments regarding Marcia's last column!!!!

She agrees she made a mistake and who among us has never made a mistake or said or written a note that was misinterpreted!!!

Ray and Sheryl Bray

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Response to Bray

Apparently you two are friends who share the same views so I understand why you are defending her. That’s your right. 

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Amazing to see justice so swiftly taken. Reminiscent of the Salem witch trials and just as fair. Someone should be proud.

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I agree

Marklin, I am in agreement. Seems this issue has political under tones. Or maybe I misinterpreted the folks on here. But probably not. 

John Hein

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marsha courson

They protest, shut down streets and sporting events, attack police vehicles , and say we must talk.  Marsha expressed her view.  She then was labled as a racist, fired , and told to shut up.  So much for talk and free speech.. 

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Courson Recap

From NextDoor Rancho Murieta; Words written to describe Marcia Courson..

Racist, hurtful, lazy, ignorance, sloth, sexist, ethnic-adverse, horrible, embarassment, narrow minded, hatred, bigoted, horribly stupid and racist woman, an abomination, hate mongering racist vitriol...

May have missed some. Never read so much hate directed at anyone in my life..

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