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Spray-painted vandalism was found Thursday morning in more than a dozen locations in the area of the wooden bridge – on signs, a bridge entrance pillar, a historical marker, the bridge itself and more. 

A Maintenance Department worker spent the better part of Thursday cleaning up the mess, said Rod Hart, the Rancho Murieta Association’s maintenance manager. Hart said a second effort will be made Friday to clean up some of the more stubborn graffiti, sprayed on with black paint. 

Danise Hetland, RMA assistant general manager, said the incident was reported to the Sheriff’s Department, which also received photos taken by Hart’s department. Security Chief Jeff Werblun said his department has no information beyond the RMA’s photos. There is no suspect information, he said. 

The bridge was vandalized similarly multiple times in the months after it opened in the summer of 2007. 

We won’t encourage the juvenile profanity by publishing photos of the graffiti with this story, but if you’re interested you can see them here.

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