Bridge traffic faces disruption

The Community Services District says access to the pedestrian bridge from the levee road on the South may be disrupted Friday, Aug. 3, and Monday, Aug. 6, due to construction taking place near the third tee on the South Course. An underground diesel fuel tank is being removed and replaced with an above-ground one at the CSD sewer lift station located in that area. The tank supplies fuel for the lift station's emergency back-up generator in the event of an electrical power outage. The CSD says it apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

CSD meets deadline for plan to address odor problems

[News brief published June 27]  The Community Services District board of directors held its second meeting Wednesday on a plan to deal with odors at the wastewater treatment plant in time to meet the deadline later in the day. It had been imposed only five days before by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.  Read more »

CSD continues meeting on odor plan, takes no disciplinary action

A 2½-hour special meeting of the Community Services District Monday morning began with members of the audience of over a dozen people criticizing the CSD about odors on the South and discolored tap water on the North. CSD General Manager Ed Crouse was singled out for criticism by several speakers.  Read more »

CSD cited for odors as 17-year buildup of sludge is blamed for smells in South

A 17-year accumulation of sludge in a wastewater treatment pond has been revealed as the source of smells that plague areas of the South, Community Services District General Manager Ed Crouse said at Wednesday's board meeting. The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a notice of violation to the CSD regarding the odors this week.  Read more »

CSD apologizes, says discolored water was accidental result of pump tests

The Community Services District reports the discolored tap water residents on the North began seeing Monday is the result of sediment on the bottom of the Rio Oso water tank that was stirred up as an unforeseen consequence of pump tests the district conducted.  Read more »

In the end, maybe it's remarkable that RM has a bridge at all

Red square See the bridge being built and meet neighbor Randy Jenco, whose company built it, as he talks about the job's challenges. Click here. (Broadband connection required)
As the community celebrated the opening of the pedestrian bridge Saturday, perhaps the most remarkable thing about the 410-foot wood span is that it exists at all. And that's something destined to be forgotten as the bridge takes its place in the life of the community.  Read more »

South odor due to treatment pond, CSD says

A treatment pond at the Community Services District wastewater treatment plant is believed to be the source of odors that have prompted recent complaints from South residents, CSD General Manager Ed Crouse said Tuesday.  Read more »

New bridge will open Thursday, officials say

Rancho Murieta Association, Country Club and Community Services District officials announced Tuesday that the bridge connecting the North and South will open Thursday to pedestrian, golf cart and bicycle traffic.  Read more »

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