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Grants to local schools: ETC works hard to support the arts in our local schools.  This year ETC is able to award $500 grants to our elementary, middle and high school public schools. The schools make the decision how the funds will be spent as long as the grant goes towards supporting the arts programs in their schools. We are grateful to our community for supporting ETC in the summer so we can expand our support for the arts all year long. Checks

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2014 looks like a great summer!

Entertainment, Theatre & Culture has a great summer of entertainment planned for 2014. Do you like good music on a summer evening, with maybe a picnic spread on a blanket as you sit alongside a gorgeous Lake Clementia?

Well, then, welcome to ETC! Have we got a fun summer for you!

Chicago Tribute Authority

Aug. 30, 8:30 p.m.: Chicago Tribute Authority

Chicago Tribute Authority, a band that graced Lake Clementia Amphitheater in 2009, will return Aug. 30 to wrap up the 2014 season.

Chicago Tribute Authority’s eight musicians made their debut as a band in 2006, offering faithful reproductions of the music of Chicago, a group that has been making hits since 1967. And Chicago Tribute Authority covers them all, from the oldest to the newest.

Some examples from the Sacramento-based band’s song list: “25 or 6 to 4,” “Baby What a Big Surprise,” “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?,” “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day,” “If You Leave Me Now,” “Make Me Smile,” “Questions 67 and 68,” “Saturday in the Park” and many more.

As the band’s promotion material says, “While they make no pretense of being the original, Chicago Tribute Authority comes close enough in their performance you may ask yourself ‘Does Anybody Really Know Which Band It Is?’"

Oct. 25, 8 p.m., Rancho Murieta CC: The Pack Is Back!

Let's keep summer alive and get together with Frank, Dino and the boys as this special show pays tribute to the Rat Pack! Tickets are $25. More information is coming up.


Info on shows and tickets

Shows are held at Lake Clementia Amphitheater in Rancho Murieta. Tickets will be available in front of Local Bean at the ETC tickets table Friday and Saturday two weeks before the show.  Tickets are available for members at the Biz Center.  Non-members can purchase at Local Bean, Go Fore Pizza and the Biz Center at any time. Price: $20 for ETC members, $30 for non-members.

ETC 2014
board members

President: Vicki Joyner (531-3544)
Vice president: Mike Mann (747-7229)
Secretary: Jane Rosetta (996-4438)
Treasurer: Mike Shamrock (284-8492)
Past President: Michelle Hubbell (396-5915)


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Cheryl McElhany
Jude Gaither
Ron OConnor
Andi Passmore
Stephanie Stanislaus
Patti Weaver

About ETC...

ETC is a volunteer non-profit organization that provides entertainment events for the Rancho Murieta community. In addition to giving back to the Rancho Murieta community through a college scholarship essay contest, arts grants are also made to the elementary and middle schools, and support and resources are also given to other important community events, such as the OKC Corral, Susan G. Komen golf tournament, Cosumnes River Little League and Summerfest. For more information about the scholarship program or other ETC philanthropic efforts, contact Stephanie Stanislaus at 354-0901.