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Do you love music and concerts? Do you love the arts and want to see the arts, culture, and entertainment continue to flourish in Rancho Murieta?

The ETC Board of Directors has a few vacancies this coming year as some of our long-time volunteer Directors are moving off the Board to travel and focus on other interests. If you love music, concerts, the arts, and our community, please consider serving on the ETC Board for a two year service commitment. We have a lot of fun and passion for the arts and need some other folks to join us to keep the ETC Summer Concert Seasons strong and thriving for our community.

Throughout the year, the ETC Board Members divide up the various tasks in preparation for our Summer Concerts. They all also pitch in on the days of the concerts to make these events the highlight of our warm summer weekends. If you are interested in serving on the ETC Board, please contact one of the two Board Members listed below. All interested applicants must be sponsored by a current Board Member, complete a simple application process, and be approved by the total Board. The application period is September-November each year.

Please consider joining the ETC Board this year!!

2014 ETC Board
Vicki Joyner, President | | 531-3544
Mike Mann | | 747-7229

ETC audience

2014 was a great summer!

Entertainment, Theatre & Culture had a great summer of entertainment in 2014. And we've got one more show for you!

Oct. 25, 8 p.m., Rancho Murieta CC: The Pack Is Back!

Remember the Rat Pack?  They packed them in to the Vegas clubs in the ‘60s. ETC is bringing Rancho Murieta the next best thing with the Dean-O-Holics. Seventeen talented performers and strictly Rat Pack -- Frank, Dean, Sammy and the gang, backed by The Swingin' Lil Big Band.

ETC will present the Dean-O-Holics in a special event on Saturday, Oct. 25, at 8 p.m. at the Country Club and all are welcome. Tickets are $25 per person and may be purchased at the Rancho Murieta Biz Center, The Local Bean Café and at the ETC sales table weekend mornings leading up to the event.

Please note: When you purchase a ticket, there is a coupon on the back that enables you to list those you wish to sit with. You can bring that between 5:30 and 6:30 and place it on a table.


Cocktail or ‘50s attire is optional at the show, but no denim will be allowed. 

If you wish to reserve a table with your friends, please have one person submit the check or checks for tickets all at the same time. You will receive a coupon that will enable all tickets to be placed on the table the night of the event between 5:30 and 6:30. 

Need more information?  Call Vicki Joyner (531-3544) or Michelle Hubbell (396-5915).


ETC 2014
board members

President: Vicki Joyner (531-3544)
Vice president: Mike Mann (747-7229)
Secretary: Jane Rosetta (996-4438)
Treasurer: Mike Shamrock (284-8492)
Past President: Michelle Hubbell (396-5915)


Steve Campbell
Cheryl McElhany
Jude Gaither
Ron OConnor
Andi Passmore
Stephanie Stanislaus
Patti Weaver

About ETC...

ETC is a volunteer non-profit organization that provides entertainment events for the Rancho Murieta community. In addition to giving back to the Rancho Murieta community through a college scholarship essay contest, arts grants are also made to the elementary and middle schools, and support and resources are also given to other important community events, such as the OKC Corral, Susan G. Komen golf tournament, Cosumnes River Little League and Summerfest. For more information about the scholarship program or other ETC philanthropic efforts, contact Stephanie Stanislaus at 354-0901.