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Female Pit Bull Found

This poor girl had been roaming around Stonehouse/Latrobe Roads and through the fields to the backside of Puerto from Friday March 22 to Sunday March 24.  She was finally caught Sunday afternoon and is being held by a ranch owner on Scott Road.  She was scanned for a microchip and there wasn't one.  

Emily will only be able to hold her for about a week. If anyone is willing to Foster/Adopt her please contact Emily at 916 934 3730.

She will have to take her to the Bradshaw Animal Shelter soon. I have posted flyers at the Plaza and on Flagstaff Road in Sloughhouse. We are posting the Pawsboost page also on other Facebook pages and I have sent a flyer to nearby Veterinary clinics trying to find the owner.


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I don't know how it all works but......its called 'Rehome' and its part of Adopt-a-Pet.com. Something sponsered by Petco, Purina and others. You can also find more info on the facebook page for Adopt-a-Pet.

" Rehome isn’t just for families that currently own a pet and can no longer care for them. It is also for people who are fostering or are caring for a stray or abandoned dog or cat and want to help them find a safe and happy home."

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