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Greenfield Cable Is Trash

Trying to watch Warriors game and TNT is gone. Been losing channels one by one the last 2 months. Paying 100 bucks for this miserable service is highway robbery. Not to mention 50 bucks for slow ass cable. I was told we would be upgraded to fiber optic last NOV, it's now almost Jun and no upgrade. Worst service I have ever seen. Nobody should pay these thieves. We should all call and tell them to f-off until they fix this disaster of a cable/internet system.

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Its still on channel32 ( non HD) but thats the old RM cable channel number. i had to download Sling TV on my Roku to watch the game.

Janice Okunami

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Agreed.  Called Greenfield -

Agreed.  Called Greenfield - "working on it ". Can get on 32.  Unacceptable !

Betsy Guzzetta

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I Agree

I agree. I have cancelled the service!

Richard Robinson


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Alternative to Greenfield

If you cancel Greenfield, what is the best alternative? My husband was rather upset last night to lose the HD channel for the Warriors game!

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Dish or DirecTV

Dish or Directv are the only alternatives, other than a few residents have put their own antenna on their house.  We went to Dish themselves, it was cheaper than Greenfield's version of Dish plus we didn't have to buy the Hopper & Joey's (the DVR recording devices).

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Just an FYI.  I read online that DirecTV had the same issues.  So this might not have been a Greenfield issue.

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Greenfield Cable is trash

Have you people ever heard of Direct TV.

I switched to them in 2000 when RM cable was like watching TV in a snow storm.  It is up and running 99.9% of the time.  local channels are numbered as local channels are.  You can get sports for all teams NFL, MLB, NBA, SOCCER and GOLF.  They have movies, and music.  Dont have to buy boxes.  Great DVR - can record 5 programs at the same time.  Can share DVR with 2 tv's.  You can opt out of RM cable and save money on your RMA bill.  No holes in side of house.  have 2 TV's and DVR's - one for self, one for wife.  Both are happy.  AND you can get broadband from them or other sources.  ATT broadband is running 99.9 of the time also.  

Why do you put up with Greenfield?

That's my 2 cents.  Good luck and Make America Great Again.

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Greenfield and RMA's TiVo Debacle

RMA complains that they don’t have funding to remove dead trees or clear grass to reduce fire danger in the common areas but they somehow have $200,000 to give to Greenfield for their cable system. How much of that $200,000 was earmarked to buy TiVo’s that do not work with Greenfield’s “new and improved” digital system from RM homeowners ?

RMA’s failure to fully divulge the hidden costs to the homeowners, such as turning a $400 TiVo into a doorstop, is extremely annoying to those of us that are bearing those costs.

The only winners are Greenfield renting their DVR’s or DirecTV for those that have clear access to the Southern sky.

David Fields

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Greenfield Cable Lease Contract Non-Performance

Obviously Greenfield has breached its contract with RMA, in video quality, time, and expense ($200K bailout and dues/fees reduction). Does RMA still own the plant, including the headend and equipment, fiber conduit previously installed by RMA maintenance to the nodes, and the to-date installed fiber to the homes? If so, maybe its time to litigate and offer to someone a lease takeover of the operation of the plant who can perform and complete the install. AT&T, in the wings to complete its excellent U-Verse broadband and phone service here by offering video piggy-backed on the fiber, may be such a candidate who can perform with a quality, seamless transition.

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