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Household Batteries - Kiefer Landfil

This is going to be really inconvenient now...Household Batteries will now need to be taken to Kiefer Landfill Special Waste Facility.

Our Waste Collection service used to provide that service for us if we placed them in a plastic bag and put on top of our recycle can...they are no longer allowed to do that now.

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An Alternative

You can drop them off at Lowe’s, along with plastic bags and fluorescent bulbs.  They have a recycle station as you walk in.  I’ve used both Rancho Cordova and Folsom locations.  No charge.

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An alternative

I believe Walmart will take batteries as well. Too bad there isnt something local...most will toss them in the garbage if there isnt something convenient:(

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Was at Home Depot in Folsom today.....as you walk in next to Customer Service Desk , there are containers for batteries, floursent tubes as well as plastic bags.

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