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New Microsoft Scam

You receive a phone call and the number is showing up as your own phone number on caller ID. They are claiming to be from Microsoft. It’s a scam! Don’t answer the phone call. They are trying to get your financial information “banking account” info and other information from your computer. Again, just hang up on this scammer who claims to be from Microsoft. I have received many emails and phone calls on this, within a three day span. If you are a victim of this scam and allowed the scammer into your pc/laptop. I’d advise you to contact your computer “IT” tech” and have them scan your Pc/laptop for any hack’s.

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Microsoft Scam

Also, contact your bank and credit card company's if you allowed the hacker into your Pc/laptop or Mac. Since they now have  all your information. Cancel and change your accounts immediately.

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Multiple calls from 'Microsoft'

We got three calls from "Microsoft" within 90 minutes Tuesday afternoon.

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Scam calls

If you don’t recognize the number calling, don’t answer it. If it something important, they will leave a message. Otherwise it is probably a scam or spam.

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