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New Smoke Shop?

Hi Everyone-


  I was just visiting our local plaza market area and noticed the business center had closed down.  In it's place, it looks like a new smoke shop/business center is going in.  Does anyone know anything about this new business?



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It's not closed

Nobody panic.  Greg is finalizing the sale of the business center to a new owner.  If you look carefully the sign in the window says "open" and the banner sign up above says "Rancho Murieta Business Center and Smoke Shop Coming Soon under New Management".  Greg is working on a job for the Women's Club right now and told me this morning that they were having new printers installed today.  The banner sign is a bit confusing, but I think the "coming soon" part is because the sale hasn't completed closing yet.  I don't know what the smoke shop part is all about, but if there is smoking allowed inside, I won't be making many stops there.  Wonder how the Stonehouse Restaurant and the Subway will feel about smoke permeating the building - if it does.

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