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RMA - Free Retirement Seminar - tonight

April 17 - 7 to 8pm at the RMA building

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"Free Seminar"

Why are we making the RMA building available to a money making enterprise ?  Are they paying for set up and cleaning fees ? Beth, why do you feel the need to pitch this ?

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Joined: 08/03/2007
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I'm sorry this bothered you Rick

I'm sorry this bothered you Rick.  I was just trying to help out a board member get the word out. It seems the only notification was on the new RMA NabrNetwork site so no one was seeing it.

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Clarification on ‘Free Seminar’

Just for clarification these seminars being offered are by our neighbors/residents and their generous donation of time and information for the community is invaluable. As Chair of the Recreation Committee, I am grateful to all our volunteers for their time and sharing their expertise on these topics.


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