Brown and Bauer win RMA board seats

Jim Moore

Director Tim Maybee, left, presents outgoing President Jim Moore a wooden golf plaque hand carved by RMA Maintenance Manager Rod Hart. Hart's creations are a traditional gift for outgoing RMA directors.

Red square See video of the RMA annual meeting (32 minutes)

The Rancho Murieta Association welcomed two new directors and said goodbye to two longtime directors at Thursday night’s annual meeting. Elected to the board were Rob Brown and Alex Bauer. Departing were longtime directors Jim Moore and Martin Pohll. Read more »

CSD approves review of capital, water fees

At its meeting Wednesday, the Community Services District board authorized spending $56,700 to update the district’s capital improvement and water augmentation fees and rejected a developer’s claim for reimbursement.  Directors acknowledged the change in the board that will occur next month when two directors depart and newly elected directors take their seats. Read more »

Greenfield addressing cables on streets

Red square See video of the RMA meeting (32 minutes)

In a half-hour meeting, the Rancho Murieta Association got a report Tuesday evening on Greenfield Communications’ effort to address issues with TV channels and to clean up the remaining work-around cabling on the community’s streets. Read more »

Greens Park in South gets committee OK

Development of the Greens Park on the South will move forward despite higher-than-expected costs. The Parks Committee gave the go-ahead at its meeting this month to rebid the project after Rancho Murieta Association representatives outlined a plan to reduce costs and provide additional funding. The committee also discussed the trails system, parks funding, and lighting playing courts at Riverview Park. Read more »

Two views of 'supermoon' over Murieta


So you knew Rancho Murieta's photographers would be out for this month's "supermoon" — the biggest and brightest moon to rise in our skies since 1948. Oscar Vasquez was out at Lake Calero Sunday night for the beautiful shot above, and Bill Gengler used his vehicle's headlights Monday night to add an impressionistic deer to his moon shot. A full moon this close to Earth won't happen again until Nov. 25, 2034, if you want to put it on your calendar. Click the photos to see larger images.

Bill Gengler moon

Warmed by November sunshine...

Pedestrian bridge

A sunny November day in the 70s is something to be savored, and Sunday was just such a day. Murietans were at the parks, playing tennis, hitting the golf courses or buzzing around in their golf carts, many of them passing over the pedestrian bridge. The weather forecast calls for a chance of showers Tuesday and cooler temperatures after that. Click photo for larger image.

To honor the living and remember the dead


It was a beautiful Veterans Day, and the vets taking part in the community's celebration gathered for a photo outside the RMA Building Friday morning. Inside, they swapped service stories, sipped coffee and ate doughnuts. There were several vets from World War II, several from Korea, several from Desert Storm and the majority from Vietnam. A couple of local teens were part of the morning: Olivia Reed recited the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields" and Tori Davis sang "America the Beautiful" and "My Country, 'Tis of Thee." The event continued into the afternoon, when vets were invited to enjoy a hotdog lunch. The Rancho Murieta Caregiver Support Group was the primary sponsor of the morning activities; Summerfest hosted the hotdogs. Click photo for larger image.

Raley's will open temporary market in Plaza

Market logo

Raley’s will open a temporary market in the old Plaza Foods to serve Rancho Murieta while its new Bel Air Market is being built across the street, the supermarket chain announced Thursday. The temporary store is expected no later than January. Read more »

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