Hope is a community wide Cancer outreach program. It is a non-denominational faith-based weekly program open to cancer patients, their caregivers, cancer survivors and anyone affected by cancer. Discussions are prompted by topics, questions, symptoms, resource helps, life changes and what some call “the new normal”.

 The Board of HOPE is comprised of cancer survivors who are available for questions and discussions.

The first session of HOPE meets for six weeks every Tuesday evening starting on January 22nd at The Murieta Inn and Spa.  A hostess will be at the door to guide you to the meeting room. The meeting format is as follows:

                                        6:45-7:00 visiting and snacks

                                        7:00-7:02 meeting opens in prayer

                                        7:02-8:10 meeting

8:10- 8:15 Meeting closes with prayer, hugs, more eating, visiting and “see you soon”.

No reservations are necessary--just show up and share in hope. For more information call (916) 833-0903 or (916) 806-5227.

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