We had another successful lifesaving blood and platelet drive on April 28th!

We registered 81 participants.  The following is the breakdown of donations:

  • Whole blood donations - registered 76 people and collected 67 pints of blood (red cells)
  • Platelet donations - registered 5 people and collected one double platelet and 4 single platelets with a red cell.
  • Red cells from whole blood donations/ 67plus red cells from the platelet donations/4 = 71

The blood drive goal was to collect 68 pints of blood so we are pleased with the results.

At the January 20th blood drive, RMWC our hospitality room hostesses were: Jeri Bolin, Valerie Chaudhry, and Boots Conway.  Relish plate and vegetable dip provided by Pat Lytle and fresh, homemade cookies were made by Gloria Murtaugh, Sandy Werp, Bev Miller, Sue Girsch, Judy Dolata, Pam Werner, Chris Pasek.  Carol Randall brought fresh fruit.

At the April 28th blood drive, our RMWC hospitality room hostesses were: Janice Tenorio, Gwen Winn, and Sharon Barton.  Bobbie Belton brought the relish plate, dip, and nuts.  The fresh homemade cookies were provided by Nancy Compton, Tricia DuVal, Marge Clark, Sharon Coulter, Bonnie Newton, Laura McCallister, Kathi Shoda, Dixie Kieffer, and Gloria Murtaugh.

As always, Fran Mendenhall provided child care.

Sheri Miralgia served all afternoon as a hostess and greeter and her help is greatly appreciated!  Cathleen Riebe also assisted in putting out the direction signs to the blood drive.  We are grateful to the on-going  committee of  Richard and Gloria Murtaugh, Linda Gaskins, Fran Mendenhall, Dave Kjome (who also helped put out the direction signs) for the set-up and put-back of the room.


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