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With bittersweet feelings, the Rancho Murieta Voices Chorus says goodbye to Margie Coffman and Ginny Meehan, two long-time members of the group. Their individual talents and dedication was crucial to the success of the chorus. They will be greatly missed and we wish them well in their future endeavors.

Margie Coffman began accompanying the Murieta Voices in 1998. Her virtuosity and enthusiasm was invaluable to the success of the Voices. Working closely with choir director Lee Holm, Margie displayed her asset as a superb accompanist by adjusting the music score for the chorus while performing. This enables the chorus to sound their best. This is a unique talent because the singers did not always sing what is on the sheet music. Being an excellent sight-reader aided her to accomplish challenges at the moments when needed. Though Margie grew up playing classical music, she now prefers the light-hearted, sentimental favorites the chorus sings.

Ginny Meehan joined the Murieta Voices early in January 2000 when the Voices were only 15 singers strong. She immediately stepped up to become the consummate volunteer for the group.

From the beginning, she volunteered to be our communications administrator aiding former member Lillian with her responsibilities. She also displayed her resourcefulness and creativity publishing our weekly newsletter. She provided copies of our correspondence, performance programs and driving directions to venues for those who did not have printing capabilities. Along with team members, she curated and maintained our sheet music and song books.

Ginny worked closely with the membership committee printing and preparing ID tags for new members. She maintained and distributed the chorus roster. She worked with our booking officers visiting prospective venues while working closely with the facilities activity directors to address their needs. Ginny graciously offered her home for our various meetings while purchasing and storing party supplies.

Ms. Meehan’s contribution to the Voices was invaluable and vital to the success of the group and the transparency of the behind-the-scene workings of the Rancho Murieta Voices.

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