The Rancho Murieta Bandits and members from four other Gold Country Vintage Base Ball invite everyone in the community to come check out the sites and sounds of the vintage game this Sunday, August 8th. Exciting events are planned for the day, including:

11AM: Home Run Derby (including your own Colby "Cheddar" Craig and Matt "Splint" Corsaut) .

11:30AM: BBQ and milling with ballists. Demonstrations for children and cranks of all ages!

1:30PM: All-Star game

This will be a great opportunity for "cranks" to see the game up close, and see some of the top ballists from each club play together in a friendly and exciting atmosphere.

Local ballists participating in the game are: Matt "Splint" Corsaut, Scott "Leather" Oltmanns, Jonathan "Junk Yard Dog" Aberle, Blake "Calaboose" Carmichael, and Colby "Cheddar" Craig.

Take yourself out to the ball game! Be a crank!

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