Dear Rotary Guests/Friends/Prospective Members and Members,

Last week our two guest speakers Todd Brown and David Ward,discussed their company-- Rancho Murieta Carts (RMC), and shared with us their (very interesting and varied) backgrounds, gave us information about their company, and discussed with us which golf carts appear to be  “best buys” both new and used.  We are lucky to have them and the service they provide in our wonderful community. 

This week’s meeting was a very special event indeed!    We welcomed 2 new members into the club--, Ramona Williams (Blue Valley Hardwood) and Nick Arthur (Rancho Murieta Association).  Our guest speaker was suppose to be Chris Dunbar, owner of Dunbar Heating & Air (and our newest member) to discuss with us the proper way to maintain to HVAC systems to insure worry free and longer-lasting equipment in our homesbut ran out of time.  We will keep you posted as to when he will be scheduled to speak.  We also had a presentation for an Eagle Scout project.

As a reminder, the District Governor’s visit is on September 8th (this is my 4th reminder, so we only get 2 more weeks to remind you of this date!).     Also rapidly approaching is the District Conference up in the Lake Tahoe area for the last weekend in October so if you are planning on attending, make sure you have your accommodations booked soon!  Dimple Drop tickets are continuing to be hawked and sold (Larry Simpson sounds like he is on track to win “most sold”) and since the event is less than 2 months away it is time for all of us to step up the effort to insure a successful fundraiser.  If recent trends continue, the Feldman’s are bound to win something big!

We now have banners for the upcoming “Grill & Chill” event—a very BIG “thank you” to our hosts and all involved in what will be a defining and fun event for our Club!

As with every meeting, we will be doing our Happy Dollars tradition, and a lucky raffle ticket holder will again be attempting to pull the orange golf ball out of the bucket of otherwise white ones to win the growing pot of $$$.

The momentum of this club is getting many existing members excited!  We are very fortunate to have such a strong and dedicated core group of members, and our newest members are adding to our strength and our arsenal of abilities moving forward-- It’s only getting better J !!   It is so enjoyable to be able to build and strengthen friendships while serving our community, nation and the world through Rotary!  It’s the common thread that binds us all!

We also want to mention those that cannot attend our meeting due to unavoidable circumstances —namely, Lilli, whom we dearly miss and wish all the best in “Lost Wages”!!

We hope to see each of you at the meeting Wednesday!  For guests and visitors, our meetings start at 7:00 at Rancho Murieta Country Club and we are out of there at 8:00 or so. 

The Rotary Club of  Rancho Murieta


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