Our February speaker, Josie Goodenow, has served as bee chairperson for the California Garden Clubs Inc. since 2014. In this capacity, she has provided programs on these fascinating pollinators throughout the state.  She has even been invited to Nevada to provide a program on bees for desert gardeners.

Josie has been a gardener ever since her family settled in Napa County when she was in second grade.  Currently she lives in the Georgetown area, which is in the zone 7 growing area, so she is able to grow many plants that require a definite winter chill.  She enjoys growing lilacs, peonies, cherry trees (both fruiting and ornamental), asparagus, and strawberries, all of which grow well if irrigated during the summer months.  Fortunately, she has a good well and several creeks and ponds on her property that keep the water table up.

Please join us at our next meeting, 7 p.m. Tuesday at the RMA Building, to learn more about why bees are of critical importance to us and to the health of our planet.

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