The Rancho Murieta Caregivers' Support Group would like to invite all who are interested to our ongoing meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. at the RMA small conference room.  We have been active for one year and have a nucleus of about 20 members.  We welcome both men and women who are caregivers for loved ones suffering from any ailment – mental or physical.

Our mission statement defines our purpose and primary objective is Group Participation.  This is guided by our facilitator, and privacy concerns are respected.

Some of us share more than others, however, all input is important as we discuss our needs as they relate to the care of our loved ones.  It is extremely important that caregivers realize their good health – both physical and mental – is critical to the care of their charges.  How do we get that day off or those few hours to shop or visit a friend?  Where do we turn for information regarding care for ourselves as well as for our ill ones?  In our group setting, we listen and are made aware of the brilliant work done by professionals who are privy to the difficulties we often find ourselves in.

Please drop by to see if we are able to offer some solutions to those of you in need of a break.
Caregiving is a uniquely frustrating yet rewarding job.  We offer some respite that you might need.

Nan Parquette, 354-2281

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