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Rancho Murieta's newest residents took part in one of its oldest traditions Sunday afternoon when they joined the 16th annual Maypole celebration on the lawn by the North Gate. "They just arrived here an hour ago from Indiana," Vandy Passmore said as nephews and nieces Thad, Noah, Ali, and Jenna Kunce helped to braid ribbon on the Maypole with other children. Pamela Haines, who established the annual community event, provided direction and kept the beat on a hand-held drum. Rain delayed the event from May 1. (Click photo to see a larger image.)

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Thanks Pamela!

The Carmichael family had a great time at our first May Pole event. It was great to have the newest Murietans in town sharing the fun. Our kids loved it.

Events such as these are a reminder for why Rancho Murieta is a great place to live with such great neighbors.

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