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The Rancho Murieta Association board of directors held a workshop on the community's parking issues Thursday night and will act on new guidelines for driveway parking variances at its meeting next week.

The guidelines will go out to members for comment and review following board action Wednesday night.  Here is the document before changes are made.

Changes in the guidelines, drafted last October, call for a sliding application fee of $25 to $150 to renew a parking variance.

Below is live-blog coverage of the 2 1/2-hour meeting where the public offered comments. More than 40 people attended at the height of the session.

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Variances, etc.

Bill, do you think we would ever get a 60% membership vote (rooftops, not individuals) to amend/revise the by-laws?

Bobbi Belton

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parking &CC&Rs


As you and I know it is almost impossible to get enough votes to change our CC&Rs.  The only way that would happen is for a highly motivated group to carry it to the community like the FOC activists did. The only thing more difficult is to get a budget passed in our state legislature.

I'm not advocating any particular action.  However, I read the rules before I moved in and agreed to live by them.  I expect no less from everyone else.

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Authorized driveway parking

It's important that members understand that the CC&Rs explicitly authorize driveway parking under specified circumstances which are increasingly common as our demographics change.

Art. VII, Sec. 12(e):

"(e) Parking Restrictions. No vehicle shall be parked on any Association street within Rancho Murieta. All authorized vehicles shall be parked in a garage except that when a resident has three authorized vehicles, that person may park in his or her driveway the vehicle the resident most commonly uses for regular transportation."

There is a  persistent mythology that the CC&Rs prohibit all driveway parking.  Simply not true.

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déjà vu


Thanks for stating the obvious.  This issue gets as much action as the drinking age in some state legislatures.  Almost every year someone wants to rehash this process.  All the Board has to do is to request the staff to prepare a spreadsheet listing the times this was discussed, how it was voted, and graph the results.  Been there, done that , stop wasting everyones time.

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