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The contents of a purse were reported stolen from an unlocked car overnight, and there were a half-dozen complaints about noise and mischief, Security said Friday.

"Last night, the kids were out of school, so they were running around in golf carts and shining lasers at people," Security Chief Greg Remson reported at Friday's Security Committee meeting.

He said the missing purse was discovered Friday morning by a resident on Lindero. The car was in the driveway and not locked, Remson said.  In addition to cash in the purse, the resident lost credit cards and a garage door opener.

"The usual kind of things you shouldn't leave in a vehicle at all," Remson said, "and you certainly shouldn't leave your car unlocked.  So that's another crime of opportunity."

Also Thursday night, there were six complaints about noise and mischief on Camino De Luna, Puerto, Terreno and Guadalupe drives and at Lake Clementia, Remson said.  He said there were complaints about speeding cars and yelling kids as well as someone shining a laser light into homes.

Just before midnight, responding to a report on Guadalupe Drive that a laser light was shining into a home, Security found two youths tying a string of tin cans across Guadalupe just down the street from the laser-light report.  The juveniles were sent home and their parents were contacted, according to the Security logs.

Remson said he met with a Sheriff's Department deputy Thursday and they visited the undeveloped areas at the east of the community, trying to anticipate the problem of juveniles and young adults using the areas for nighttime parties and campfires, as they have in the past.

"We're working on taking care of that before it gets going this summer," he said.

They also talked about proper signage, locked gates and boulders to control traffic into the back area.

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