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Vintage Baseball finale, Sept. 20 at Stonehouse

Come one, come all to Stonehouse Park to take in one final day of Vintage Base Ball for the 2009 Season.

The Rancho Murieta Bandits are hosting the end of season gala, and the entire community is welcomed to root on some of the home team, and other ballists in a variety of activities.

Hot dogs, chips, and sodas will be available for purchase. Proceeds go to the GCVBB scholarship fund which helps local athletic departments support their youth efforts.


11:00 AM - Women's Softball game (softball field)
12:00 PM - Home Run Derby (Junior/Large field)
1:00 PM - GCVBB All-Star Game

Six Rancho Murieta Bandits will participate in the All-Star game: Matt "Splint" Corsaut (hurler), Jonathan "Junk Yard Dog" Aberle (hurler), Scott "Leather" Oltmanns (behind), Blake "Calaboose" Carmichael (SS; behind), Colby "Cheddar" Craig (3B/2B), and Terry "T-Bone" Conway (OF, aka "scout).

"Cheddar" Craig will also partcipate in the Home Run derby.

Come on out to the yard and experience a final vintage day in Rancho Murieta. Thank you to all of those "cranks" who have supported the team over the years, and to everyone who is showing more and more interest as we grow as a team and league!

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Joined: 07/30/2007
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Vintage Base Ball is back!

Come on out this Sunday to cheer on the local boys in the Home Run Derby (high Noon)!

Colby "Cheddar" Craig
Matt "Splinted Splendor" Corsaut
Todd "Penny" Pennington

There is also a Ladies Softball game (11AM). It is possible that more players will be needed, so come on out, you might see some playing time!

Six of the local boys will square off against each other in the All-Star classic (1:30PM)

Scott "Leather" Oltmanns and "Cheddar" Craig are on "Team Wheels"...the power hitting team on paper.

"Splint" Corsaut, Blake "Calaboose" Carmichael, Terry "T-Bone" Conway, and Jonathan "Junk Yard Dog" are on Team Slick (appropriately the speedy line-drive heavy team).

HOT DOGS, SODAS, and CHIPS available for purchase during the events. Proceeds benefit the GCVBB Scholarship Fund, an effort by the GCVBB to give back to local athletic programs and support youth efforts.

Huzzah, and come out for the fun!

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