Our water is taken from the Cosumnes River at the Granlees Dam and pumped into Lake Calero, Lake Chesbro and Lake Clementia during the rainy season, from Nov. 1 to May 31. We use the stored water throughout the year.

At capacity, these lakes could handle a fully developed Rancho Murieta's water needs for at least two years.

State regulations prohibit any discharge of wastewater into the Cosumnes River. The regulations require treated wastewater be used for irrigation of golf courses, parks and common areas.

Rancho Murieta's lakes are used for water storage, not for flood control or to collect natural runoff. Storm water and irrigation runoff are collected in the drainage system throughout the community. A major component of Rancho Murieta's storm drainage system is the number of natural swales, streams and tributaries.

Runoff is filtered through detention ponds prior to being returned to the Cosumnes River.

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