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TV snow

I live on Guadalupe Drive and for the last week my television set has been demonstrating more snow than picture quality. I have called RMA twice, the first call last week and again this morning. They noted the problem and said it was a system malfunction and they were working on it. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Does RMA have the necessary technology and qualifications to "fix" problems when they arise? If they do they sure don't move very fast.

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We experienced loss of picture once yesterday afternoon and twice in the evening but the icon at the bottom of the sreen indicating the station (TLC,Disney) was clear. Changed our big screen to antena and it came in clear.

John Kershaw

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Cable and Internet Problems

I live on Buho and our TV and internet were down last night for close to two hours. For the last 6 or 8 weeks we have been having trouble with internet connection, and more recently the TV signal is affected. We have lived here for close to 7 years and the TV picture quality has never been excellent - frequent grainy look and obvious ghosting.

I have been calling in every time the internet goes down. I must mention that the people I talk to are always very nice (the 800 number, the RMA techs, and the woman at the RMA who notes all my calls about down time). But the problems have not been fixed.

We live too far from the central office to get DSL, but DirectTV is looking better and better.

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Phil -


My relatives recently moved onto Buho and they have DSL from AT&T.  So if you haven't checked lately with AT&T you might want to check again to see if they made changes that would allow you to get  DSL service.



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Good for DSL


You should definitely be in DSL service area range. I have excellent service on Via Del Cerrito which is farther out than Buho from the head end. good luck I gave up on RM 3 years ago.


John T Weatherford

John T Weatherford

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I gave up on RMA

A once ardent booster of RMA broadband, I finally gave up and ordered DSL from calweb this month and it's great, about twice the down speed of RMA on its best day and it hasn't flaked yet. For thirty bucks a month, 25 for awhile on an introductory. They have a "can I get DSL at my phone number?" wizard on their home page, check them out.


I speed tested the two connections back and forth for a couple of weeks and one thing I noticed was that even when RMA's system was "working" my RMA speeds fluctuated wildly up and down on the chart while the DSL chugged along pretty flat at its published speed.


Sorry, guys, I hung on as long as I could.

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TV snow

I believe you are my neighbor, Bill Day.  I live on the corner of Guadalupe and 8 Park.

The only good thing about my crumby TV reception is that it tells me not to worry about going onto RM broadband because I can't connect. Works through the same cable so it makes sense. Bad TV= No Broadband.

We will be looking closely at DSL if this continues. I am tired of crawling under my desk to recycle the power in the hopes I may have 5 minutes of Internet. Been doing it for 2 years now.

Think they'll fix it in the next week? Doubtful.


Bob Hamel



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Congratulations Wilbur! 

Congratulations Wilbur!  Welcome to DSL.  I hope you have Direct TV.  It also beats RMA hands down.

If more of you see the light and get out of the silliness of RMA cable and broadband it would go broke as it should and we could stop paying for this nonesense.


Still don't know why the RMA Board keeps throwing our money at this junk.



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Thanks everyone for the comments. I have done some more research and AT&T still insists that we can not get DSL here. However both calweb and Earthlink say they can provide service (strange since they use AT&T's lines). The only problem is the best service they can provide is 1.5 MB download and 128-384 KB upload.


I suppose it's better than nothing or intermittent like we've had. Our internet was down again this afternoon.


Where is Comcast?

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Phil, I have had DSL  internet service with AT&T for well over a year and maybe more. I use it in conjunction with a Yahoo browser and have been very satisfied. When I signed up they sent me a modem (and the necessary filters at no charge)which is also a router and I use it to communicate to my laptop wirelessly. I can sit out in the backyard and hook up to the internet.  Not that I do that very often but that is just an example of what is provided.  I pay $17.99 a month and am provided Anti-spam, Anti-virus,Pop up blocker, Parental controls and Mail protection.  I should state that the fee may be a little better because I do subscribe to other phone services.  All services are regularly updated and no other charges are necessary. They also provide on line help services 7 days/24 hours. I think someone misinformed you about AT&T DSL at Murieta.

 I also have Dish Network and pay $34.99 a month.  I do not have access to local stations but if my TV snow doesn't disappear this week I will subscribe to that service with Dish and not use RMA services at all.  The reception with Dish TV is excellent and I have a lot more stations but do not use them.  RMA, are you listening to these complaints?  Shape up!!!

Bill Day

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TV Snow

I live on Guadalupe Drive as well and as of this morning the problem is still not corrected.After experiencing this for a couple of day's I reported the problem late last week and was told they are working on it. However no progress todate.I read where we are saving considerable dollars by using RMA employee's to place cable,maybe we could use some of this savings to hire someone to help do repair. 


Bob Crum

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TV Snow

We live on 3-Park just off Guadalupe, and we currently experience snowy reception on some of the channels, 31, 32, 33, and 47 up.

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I live on Via Sereno & my picture has been OUTSTANDING for the last 5 months...That was about the time I had DirecTV install a dishLaughing.  Let's sell the RM Cable system to a qualified company. 



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OK, I've had it with RM TV

I've had a Dish for years because RMA TV is consistently so flaky and their choices so limited. The only thing I depend on RMA for is the locals, which I normally don't care much about because network TV is so vapid anyway. So I've never bothered to buy the local stations from Dish.

All week the local stations have been unwatchable on RMA TV, particularly Channel 10, which is not merely snowy and ghosty like the others, but all wavy and scrolling. Might as well be a test pattern.

The ONLY thing I go out of my way to watch on TV is NASCAR races. One of the biggest races of the year starts in a few minutes. And now I discover to my horror that it's on Channel 10 rather than one of the usual cable channels. I can't watch the only thing I wanted to see on TV this week.

I am being forced to pay for unmarketable garbage only because RMA abuses its powers to force me to. Now I'm going to have to spend ANOTHER five bucks or whatever to subscribe to the locals on Dish because RMA can't even competently deliver THOSE in exchange for the thirty-plus bucks they extort from each of us in increased dues every month, under threat of foreclosure, for a service that doesn't work.

It is time to face the facts, dear Directors. We don't have the large 24/7staff, the equipment, or the economies of scale which would be required to competently provide sophisticated television services at any reasonable price. If you are truly convinced you can provide a product people would buy voluntarily without your gun to our heads, walk the walk and grant us that voluntary choice. Make cable TV subscription optional, as broadband is.

Or let us vote on whether to continue down this path of involuntary participation in the system and this constantly increasing involuntary investment in your experiment out of our pockets and reserves.

George Roper is circulating a petition calling upon the Board to make cable subscription entirely voluntary. It states:

"We request that our Board of Directors take whatever measures necessary (e.g. technology, outsourcing, or selling or leasing the system) so that TV service can be subscribed to on a voluntary, for-fee basis, similar to the way broadband Internet service is now provided. The cost of TV service should be borne solely by its users, and members should have the freedom to choose for themselves."

I urge my neighbors to send George an email at the2ropers@sbcglobal.net authorizing him to add their name to the petition and providing your address and the names to add.

Enough is enough.



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Our RM Cable is fine

While we do have Directv for our main viewing, I do have RM Cable in my office and it's crystal clear over here on Terreno, even Ch 10. Sorry Wilbur Cry

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Channel Issues

It appears this may be a customer service issue, as we're not having any problems with cable. If that's the case, a reimbursement for interrupted service is in order, at the least.

Becky Miller

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All seriousness aside...

Given the infrequency of your need, Wilbur, here's a standing invitation to watch your favorite sports here, especially if you bring beer and chips, as any good guest would.  Just don't expect to watch anything but football for the next four months.

For the heck of it, and because I live on Puerto, where it's reported the cable system has had problems, I switched over from Dish to RMA cable to check the picture after seeing your note.  Everything was sharp, even the race cars roaring around the track.

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No more snow

Ralph, in defense of Wilbur, today is the first day in two weeks that the cable system is performing as it should in my area. The snow has finally quit falling in my TV set. Now, if I could only find a snow blower to remove two weeks accumulation of the white stuff. That's about how long it took RMA to fix the problem.

Bill Day

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Cable and Internet Problems

You can get DSL. Call AT&T!

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