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The Rancho Murieta Association is searching for the cause of an intermittent cable problem that affects TV and broadband service in the northwest part of the community.

"We've got a major problem around the Venado-Puerto area. ... It may be a little bit more widespread than that. It's not all of the North," RMA General Manager David Stiffler said Thursday, and added, "We've been working on this thing for over a week"

RMA personnel passed out flyers to homes in the area Wednesday alerting residents to the problem and the search for the cause, and thanking them for patience and understanding.

"We sent out the flyer yesterday to let people know what was going on because we had people calling in thinking it was just their own, particular residence, when in reality it's a a whole neighborhood situation," Stiffler said. "I've been fielding many, many, many calls for the last few days."

He said residents in the affected area have cable and Internet service, but "the problem is it's intermittent. It'll work fine for a while and all of a sudden they'll lose their Internet connectivity and the pictures are snowy or streaked on their cable TV. The broadband signal and the cable TV signal go down the same line. ...

"It's a very difficult thing to find and we've got all of our guys working on it. ... We're isolating things as best we can and as quickly as we possibly can ... so we can fix it."

Stiffler said although "major components" have been replaced, that hasn't solved the problem, and the cause could be something "as small as a tiny, little coupler someplace, up to a kink in a line somewhere. ... This is something in the physical plant itself," he said, describing the situation as "very frustrating."

Work at the head-end -- the cable system's center of operations -- is scheduled to begin at 3 a.m. Friday as part of the continuing effort to solve the problem, Stiffler said.

He asked residents who have questions to contact him at 354-3500.

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Sign our petition

The system is broken and the recent infusion of 95K in addition to the 250K already spent seems to not be helping.  Can you say “competent technical management” or “managerial oversight.”  If you are tired of what the board is doing with your reserves and feel that cable television should be on a voluntary basis make your feelings known by signing our petition. This is the wording of the petition.

We request that our Board of Directors take whatever measures necessary (e.g. technology, outsourcing, or selling or leasing the system) so that TV service can be subscribed to on a voluntary, for-fee basis, similar to the way broadband Internet service is now provided.  The cost of TV service should be borne solely by its users, and members should have the freedom to choose for themselves.

Each RMA member (rooftop) has one vote.  We do keep track of individuals who sign however, but in a proxy vote one per rooftop.

Your names and rooftop can be added to our petition by sending an email to the2ropers@sbcglobal.net, expressing your desire to be added.  Make the subject line read "Cable Television Petition."  We need your address and names of owners.  Tell your neighbors.    George Roper

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