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The intermittent cable problem affecting broadband and cable TV service in parts of Murieta North has been solved, Rancho Murieta Association General Manager David Stiffler said Friday.

He said the problem turned out to be a bad section of cable. The faulty cable was located on Venado Drive Friday morning and a new section was installed by 10 a.m.

RMA staff and cable consultants had been working on the problem for more than a week, according to Stiffler.  It affected customers along Puerto and Venado drives, in the northwest part of the community.

Previous coverage of the problem is here.

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Cable problem fixed my foot!!

Well maybe the fixers can get over to Guadalupe and fix the cable to my house.  It's still snowing.

Bill Day

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It's still snowing at Puerto and Venado too!

I'm not sure what was fixed, but we are still having the same problems with our tv reception.

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New problem

Well the snow has melted on Puerto...now Channel 5 has gone away...just a very pleasant music station with a blank screen

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New problem

It's snowing pretty heavy over here at Guadalupe and 8 Park also. It seems to be a wider area than the 50 homes that I was told when I contacted RMA.

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RM TV service

Where is the link to the petition to get rid of our messed up and expensive TV and Broadband service ?

If you are not the Lead Dog the view never changes

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 Your names and rooftop can be added to our petition by sending an email to the2ropers@sbcglobal.net, expressing your desire to be added.  Make the subject line read "Cable Television Petition."  We need your address and names of owners.  Tell your neighbors.

George Roper

George Roper

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Cable TV

I live on Lago Circle and it's snowing here also. My cable reception has gone downhill dramatically over the past few weeks.

Maybe this thing is contageous.

I called RMA several days ago and am waiting for a call back, I hope that someone takes the time to call if without solutions then as a simple courtesy. Problem fixed, I don't think so.

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I tried to watch FoodTV but it was like Christmas on the channel. I went ahead and switched back to my crystal clear FoodTV HD on DISH.

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