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It's baaaack. The Rancho Murieta Association on Wednesday confirmed what many residents on the North already know -- the cable problem that was thought to be fixed last week is still with us.

Wednesday afternoon, RMA employees hand-delivered notices to residents in the area of Puerto and Venado drives saying the problem returned over the weekend and the association was continuing to work on it.

After RMA General Manager David Stiffler said Friday that a faulty piece of cable located on Venado Drive had been fixed to solve the problem, North residents responded with forum posts and story comments at RanchoMurieta.com saying they were still experiencing cable difficulties.

The flyer from the RMA characterizes the problem as "outside interference disrupting our signal and causing intermittent outages and/or poor signal quality."

Residents are asked to contact Stiffler at 354-3500 with questions.

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The Gremlins are back

Why would I or anyone else have any reason to contact Mr Stiffler, is he going to let us cancel our mandatory subscriptions?

John T Weatherford

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How much longer will it take for hte RMA to "Do the right thing" and get out of the cable television buisness? I do not know a single person that uses RMA cable exclusively. What a waste of our asscociation dues! How can we hold these morons accountable?


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