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Plane ride

Kylee Howard, 8, took to the skies over Rancho Murieta with pilot Frank Storm at Sunday's Young Eagles event at RM Airport. Blue skies and perfect flying weather brought out a record-breaking 42 children for the free airplane and helicopter rides offered by the Rancho Murieta Aviators and other volunteer Experimental Aircraft Association aviators. The aircraft association established the Young Eagles program in 1992 to provide young people from 8 to 17 years of age with an introduction to flying, and the aviators' club hosts the events several times a year. In addition to their Young Eagle membership certificate, children received a pen in the shape of an airplane as a memento of their adventure. "It's good for the kids and the community," said pilot Wally Boeck, who coordinates the events for the club.

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Up, up and Away

Well Done, Rancho Murieta Aviators and Experimental Aircraft Association aviators...and well done to the 42 Young Eagles who participated. Your service offers these youth much more than just an "introduction to flying". This is the stuff that fosters and encourages impressionable youth to reach for the stars in their lives, in any endeavor, to set goals, and provides solid direction for achieving their aspirations and full capabilities. As Wally Boeck, coordinator of these events says "Its good for the kids and the community". I offer that such humble underpinnings and selfless service you give is good for the future of this entire country . You certainly have my gratitude, for one.  

T. Hanson, Captain, U.S. Naval Aviator, ret.

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