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UPDATE: On Saturday, neighbors reported here that vandals had removed and broken holiday lights from the RMA Building during Friday night's arcade. See the story comments for more.

The annual video arcade sponsored by the Optimist Club turned the Rancho Murieta Association Building into party central Friday evening with pizza, soda and a dazzling array of games. Alex Bailey, below, was one of the 66 kids who'd signed in 90 minutes after the start of the event. Friday night was reserved for teens, while Saturday was open to kids of all ages. Event organizers expected to entertain hundreds of the community's young people.

Arcade motorcycle

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Video Weekend

What a shame there seems to be so little appreciation for  events of this nature.  I wonder if a skate park really is a good idea.  I may have to ponder this further.

One hundred fifty decorative lightbulbs from the perimeter eves of the RMA Building were individually unscrewed and destroyed last evening.  Many smashed on the pavement - - others thrown against the building - - still others thrown at passing automobiles.

 Attempts are made to provide youth activities with this result.

Guess what - - not one teenager out of the 67 who registered at the event will admit to having seen it happen or has any firm idea who perpetrated it.

Might it be reasonable to simply not schedule this event in future.

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Might just be time for Security Chief Greg Remson to issue a reward notice for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrators of this Bah Humbug criminal behavior! 

Bobbi Belton

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Vandalism at video arcade


A few bulbs were taken from the front of the RMA Building, but the back was nearly stripped of bulbs.

Thanks to R.L. Taylor for updating this story. (We're all invited to share news here.)

The vandalism occurred about 9 p.m. Friday as the event was going on, Optimist President Bill Gibbons said late Saturday afternoon, as the arcade was winding down. Although the exterior of the building and the parking lot were checked during the evening, the vandalism went unnoticed until someone came inside and alerted the adults in charge.

Some bulbs were removed from the front and almost all of the bulbs along the back of the building were taken. Gibbons said bulbs were thrown at a car driving up the Parkway and there were shards of glass on the sidewalk.

The matter was turned over to Security for investigation.

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Wow! That's a bit harsh isn't it? This lack of appreciation that you mention has obviously been demonstrated by a few unsupervised kids-but all should pay? Trust me, I understand the absolute frustration you feel, however, just because no one has yet come forward to point a finger at a possible perpetrator doesn't mean that the 67 who attended were in on it. And please, before you come back and say that you didn't insinuate that all 67 were covering-go back and reread what you wrote. When info gets out on who may be involved in a community vandalism or theft, it usually takes a few days for the kids to start talking and the info to start spreading. The one thing I am curious about is what time does security believe this may have happened? After curfew? As to canceling these types of events in the future.......an adult gets toasted at a RM golf tournament and tears up the roads of our community in his car or golf cart. Do we cancel all future tournaments? Just one example.....

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Vandalism at Arcade Event

I was driving the car the kids hit with the light bulbs at the RMA Arcade event Friday night at 9:15 PM.   There were at least two kids throwing objects at my car as I drove down the parkway.  I thought they were rocks from the sound of the impact on the car.  I immediatedly stopped my car and confronted the group of kids who were hanging out in front of the RMA building.  I was told they were light bulbs, but no one confessed to the actual throwing of the bulbs.  I told them it was a privledge to have the arcade there and that it would be a shame to lose it because of the actions of a few kids.  There was no adult supervision on the outside of the building when I was driving by but there was a large group of kids hanging out outside the building.  I think these events are great and my children enjoy them; however, I think we parents need to be more helpful and offer to volunteer to supervise and patrol the outside of the building.   The Optomists  are so generous in donating tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of their time to provide some fun for our  children.  They shouldn't have to spend more money on security officers to patrol the premises.  I would be happy to help and I'm sure other parents would feel the same way.  We are truly blessed to have the service organizations in this community donate so much to our youth.   I hope that the actions of a few bad apples won't spoil it for the rest of the kids.  Let's work together to continue to offer fun activities for our kids.  We are so isolated here and the kids that are too young to drive really appreciate having these events. 

Wendy Warden

Wendy Warden

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Well Said!

I think Wendy's response is right on and an excellent course of action.  The teens that behave themselves are always penalized for the ones that can't.  Thank you Wendy, for a reminder to volunteer to help out at these events.  

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I agree with Wendy also. I'm sure that parents in the community with children that enjoy participating in these events would respond favorably to an all-call for volunteers to help supervise.  The most important observation made was that there was a large group of kids hanging out on the outside of the building. With this kind of evening event there is absolutely no reason for kids to be "hanging out" outside. This could be prevented easily with additional supervision.

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