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Cable count

John Weatherford and George Roper, proponents of a proposal to make basic cable TV service optional, observed as a committee led by Richard Silvis, left, counted votes on the issue Tuesday at the Rancho Murieta Association Building. The committee -- Richard and Mary Silvis, Bob Pritchard, Bob Andrews and Dick Stevens -- began counting the 1,030 votes at 9 a.m. and finished at noon. The RMA released the results of the advisory vote in the early evening. The RMA reported the vote was 806 yes (RMA cable should be optional) and 224 no. That's 78 percent favoring optional participation.

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1,030 memberships voted. That's over 44% of the membership, well in excess of the quorum of 928 RMA struggles to get in director elections. That's a big turnout, indicative of high member interest.

78% of those voting favor Freedom of Choice. 22% like the status quo of forced socialized TV. That's a landslide. Nothing subtle about that.

No, this isn't a binding vote. But it's one heck of a big elephant in the parlor. The members have spoken. Loudly.

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Overwhelming Response

I would like to commend Richard Silvis and his stalwart crew for their professional stewardship of the vote counting process.  The number of members who chose to participate and express their wishes is unprecedented in recent memory. Of particular interest was the number of voters who took the time to add written comments to their ballots.  These added commentaries were both pro and con.  I hope the board will make these comments part of the public record without attribution.  Among them there may be constructive suggestions as to how to fulfill the mandate so strongly given by this vote. 

George Roper

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RMA Cable Optional

John Weatherford is the person who deserves the most recognition for this effort.  His dogged determination has helped shed light on this issue. 

The next RMA meeting should be quite interestingLaughing

Thanks John!  I know Wilbur and George were right there with you as well.  Great job! 

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Yes this is a resounding endorsement to end the TV Tyranny. A turnout of this size says it all and we didn’t have to give away I-Pods, TV’s or free meals to achieve this result.


I want thank all those members that signed the petition and all those members that cast their vote regardless of how you voted. I believe that there are board members that are hearing your message. However, as someone once said “it ain’t over till it’s over”.

These board members will need your support.


John T Weatherford

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Cigars for JT

The Fat lady just enterred the building John, thanks for opening the door.  What brand of cigars?

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John has tried to educate the unknowing electorate for several years.  Pathetic that they didn't listen.  Thank you John!  Hopefully this wakeup call results in what shoud have happened numerous years ago.

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