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When a car's lengthy skid marks appeared on Lago Drive last week, they prompted questions. 


Ken Burns asked about them in a forum posting at RanchoMurieta.com. In response, Mila Carmona posted her children's harrowing encounter with a speeding car on their walk home from the school bus stop.

Carmona wrote, "A silver sedan car, driven by two young ladies (high-school age), was actually racing with another car, lost control and apparently drove straight onto the sidewalk towards my kids who were only about 15-20 feet away."

Security logs tell more of the story.

An entry for 4:08 p.m. Feb. 6 reports that two vehicles, a Honda sedan and a white minivan, were racing when the Honda "slammed on the brakes leaving 300 feet of skid marks near 17 and 18 Park Lago."

The person who contacted Security said the Honda "almost hit two or three kids and a lady who was walking her dog," according to Security Chief Greg Remson.

Security Patrol Officer Stacey Ramsey responded to the call and witnesses on the scene provided "good vehicle descriptions and good driver descriptions. That helped Officer Ramsey a lot," Remson said.

Ramsey began a search and located teenagers and cars matching the descriptions at Stonehouse Park about 40 minutes after the report came in, according to the second security log entry on the incident.

"He made contact with them and talked with them, and at first they denied having anything to do with it," said Remson.  But as Ramsey continued to talk with them, the teenagers acknowledged their involvement. The Honda driver said she thought she was doing almost 50 when she lost control of the sedan as she tried to pass the van, and the driver of the van estimated he was traveling at 35 to 40 mph, Remson said. 

"They were both issued (Rancho Murieta Association) notices of violation for speeding and the parents of both of the drivers were contacted," he said.

In addition to issuing the citations, Ramsey talked to the teenagers about the "what ifs." "Officer Ramsey's good at that," Remson said. "We take some time with them, explain to them ... what if you would have wrecked, what if you would have run somebody over? ... Incidents like that ... can ruin the driver's future forever, not to mention the potential (injury) to a pedestrian."

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Just curious

Just curious...Am I the only one scratching my head on this one?  A four thousand pound vehicle left 300 feet of skid (one football field) on a dry day coming within 15 to 20 feet of kids walking on the sidewalk.  The driver of this vehicle said she was doing "almost 50 mph"?  Then, a speed citation was issued based on statements that were approximations at best.  Good thing she got the "What ifs".  I wouldn't want to think this young lady got away with anything.  This was potentially a catastrophic error in judgement that was essentially verballed away.  There's more time spent on driveway variances than this.  How embarrassing.  If we know who it was that did this and the manner in which it happened, why was she only given a CC&R violation?  Driving is a privilege. Especially in a Private Community.  We have a parking lot just inside the gate for all of those social-deviant motorcycle riders.  They don't have the right to ride their motorcycles to their house however she, with an admitted history of reckless driving, will continue to enter the gates un-restricted.  How about restricting driving privileges within the gates for a month..week..I don't care how long.  Let her get a ride home from the gate for a while.  I know nothing about this girl.  She could be a straight-A student, Class President, and a Philanthropist to boot for all I know.  It could have simply been a momentary loss of focus followed by a bad decision.  That could have been fatal.  Outside of the gates it would have been a thirty day impound of her vehicle and a ticket that would cost in the range of $5k.  If we are going to continue to handicap security by not giving them Peace Officer Powers, at least have them write up incidents like this and put it before a committee vote.  As I said before, lesser issues are given more attention.  Some of you reading this comment may be rolling your eyes at how over reactive this sounds.  Ask the parents of the children that were staring at the four thousand pounds of metal skidding out of control towards them at well over 50 mph.         

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Curious reply.



In answer to your curiosity, you should go check the threads on Murietaonline about this very topic. I suppose I’ll be accused here of claiming to know everything and being argumentative too, but here goes.


Personally, I can’t say what punishment is PROPER because I don’t have ALL the facts, but I can say this. I agree with you that driving on our streets is a privilege, and so do the CC&Rs. Also, like you, I don’t see a darned thing wrong with suspending driving privileges for anyone, not just kids, if the violation warrants it.


However, there are some people who believe that the HOA doesn’t have the power to do that. I can’t say whether or not that’s true, but I do know that evidently at some point in time, at least a majority of RMA BOD members agreed with you and passed a Non-ARC rule that says RMA can deny the right to use vehicles on roads.  

                         For any violation in excess of a third violation and providing that all proper notices and opportunities for hearing have been satisfied, the Board of Directors may: (1) impose temporary suspension of the property owner's rights as a member of the Association or other appropriate discipline. including denying the violator the right to use the common area including the use of vehicles on roads, or … . 

Now call me stupid or a dreamer, but it sure seems to me like its at least worth a try to see if the attention of violators can be gotten and that there might be some behavior modification take place by using a rule already on the books!


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Skid marks

If the skid marks were truely 300 ft , a better estimate of speed would be closer to 82-85 mph on flat dry asphalt. This could vary some based on surface coefficient of friction but this is the average the traffic tables give. Even 50 while racing is reckless driving. In some states thats a criminal driving offense. I agree that this type of driving warrants a suspension of driving privilages to send a strong message before someones child is killed. The purpose of RM having gates to the community is to improve security and our quality of life, not to establish a special set of lesser laws or penalties that endanger us.

Doug Lewis


Doug Lewis

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