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A Murietan who believes his family witnessed a drug transaction at the North Gazebo is critical of Security's response and the community's unwillingness to confront the issue of drug abuse. Security responded by acknowledging it did not react promptly to the report and said it does all it can to handle the reports it gets.

The neighbor, who asked that his name and some of the details of the incident be withheld, said he and other families saw what could have been a drug drop -- one person leaving something in a hidden location and a teenager coming along later to pick it up. The witness said he called Security immediately but it took 40 minutes for Security to appear and do a drive-by.

Of the supposed drug dealer, the neighbor wrote, "I've asked around and keep hearing that people have seen this person frequently, are aware of what is going on, have even seen money exchange hands, but they had not called Security."

He added, "I believe we have a big problem in this community and it is compounded by three reasons: Security does not seem to take this thing seriously, no one seems to be manning the security camera that is pointed right at where it could capture these deals, and adults that witness these things do nothing about it. If the security camera was put on a web site with a few SELECT adults were given access to view it, they could catch these thugs in the act AND on camera."

The neighbor also said media outlets, which are not able to identify minors involved in crimes, should name their parents instead.

In an interview and an e-mail, Security Chief Greg Remson addressed the neighbor's issues and acknowledged the response to the call was not timely.

"The Security Department did receive a call for service at the Gazebo, although with much less information (than was forwarded later by e-mail)," he wrote. "We do try to respond in a timely manner to all calls for service. Unfortunately, this time we did not. This has been addressed.

"In this case, I did speak with one of the juveniles that was indentified, along with both of his parents. The sheriff's POP officer that is assigned to our area was also notified."

As for bringing charges against a suspect, he said, "You gotta see something. We can talk to anybody, but we can't search people or detain people or anything like that because somebody says 'I think there was a drug deal.' But there's nothing wrong with going and talking to people."

As for the extent of drug problem, Remson said, "We get an occasional complaint. ... All I can go off is the complaints we get and that kind of thing. We respond to the complaints...."

He concluded, "We do receive complaints about drug dealing and use in the Gazebo, and we respond to those calls. I encourage those who think they see suspicious activity to call us immediately. I also encourage parents to be vigilant with their kids and their kids' friends, and know where they are and what they are doing."

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Drug deals

And I quote "I also encourage parents to be vigilant with their kids and their kids' friends, and know where they are and what they are doing."

 What else is there to say? 

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