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Smoky sunset

With temperatures still in the high 90s, and the sky a gray-brown, the sun bids a smoky farewell to the day Wednesday. The region's air was deemed Very Unhealthy Wednesday afternoon due to smoke particulates. The National Weather Service has smoke in the forecast well into next week. Temperatures are expected to drop out of the 100s -- but not by much -- by the weekend.

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Is this the worst ever?

Maybe some old-timer or someone with a better memory can correct me, but I've lived in the area 30 years, and I can't remember a stretch of smoke even close to this. That includes back when they used to burn the rice fields. That was nothing compared to this.

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Bad Air


My children are up in Chico at school and my daughter called me on Tuesday and she said "it's raining ash".  She said her car was covered in ash, it was really bad up there.  She was in New York two weeks ago and didn't want to go back home to the smoke.  I guess it's bad all over northern CA.  We're just starting to get the humidity in Atlanta, it's late this year. I think I'll take that over the smoke! Cool

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