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Cosumnes River Elementary will test its new emergency automated telephone system Wednesday morning.  The test call will go out to all students' home telephone numbers and emergency contact telephone numbers.  This new system has the ability to call all student telephone numbers and all employee home telephone numbers in the case of a major emergency.

Here's the test message:

"This is a test of the Elk Grove Unified School District's Emergency Auto Dialer system.  This is only a test.  The Emergency Auto Dialer is an automated telephone system that will be used to inform parents about major emergencies at Elk Grove Unified schools.  Had this been a real emergency you would have received important information.  You are receiving this message because your phone number is listed as a parent or guardian or as an emergency contact for a student in our school district.  If you have any questions, please call 686-7732."

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Worked well

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this call today at work. Congratulations to a successful emergency automated system.



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Emergency phone system

I think it might have been a District-wide thing, not just exclusive to CRES.  I got a recorded call at work, on my mobile phone, then came home to the message on the house phone!  I've got a 7th grader.  Good to know they can track me down!

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