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The 32 members of Boy Scout Troop 633 have earned a total of 147 merit badges recently in everything from oceanography to ice skating. The badges and 14 rank advancements were awarded Monday night at the Rancho Murieta Association Building during the Fall 2008 Court of Honor. “You’ve outdone yourselves,” Scoutmaster Morri Graf told the scouts as their parents looked on.

The event also marked a transition for the troop. After four and a half years, Graf stepped down as scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster Kent Johnson took his place.


Boy Scouts filled the RMA Building Monday night when Troop 633 held its Fall 2008 Court of Honor.

During Graf’s tenure, the troop grew from 12 scouts and produced 10 Eagle Scouts.

Graf emphasized that he wasn’t leaving the troop, saying he plans to take on leadership training. It’s an important goal of scouting that may not be getting the time it needs, he said.

Graf’s accomplishments as scoutmaster were praised by Carl Gaither of the Kiwanis Club who said Graf helped to make Troop 633 one of the community’s best assets.   Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli sent a letter of thanks, and Graf received a certificate of recognition from the state Legislature. Dia Utterback spoke on behalf of parents. “Thank you for all you’ve done for our boys,” she said.


Morri Graf stepped down as scoutmaster after four and a half years, but he’ll continue to be a part of Troop 633.

The audience of about 70 scouts and parents rose from their seats to applaud Graf.

In his remarks, Graf said he felt it was his duty to take on the role of scoutmaster. “Along the way, I’ve learned a lot, too,” he said.

Earlier in the meeting, Graf talked about the exciting year the troop had, and how parents contribute to the troop’s success by helping with planning, organization, driving, and other aspects of activities.      

In his comments as the new scoutmaster, Kent Johnson stressed the importance of having adult leadership in the troop and “parents who care enough to participate.”  

Graf and Johnson were joined by former scoutmaster David Scharlach as the program concluded.


The scouts received a total of 147 merit badges, and 14 rank advancements were made at Monday’s ceremony.

These 26 scouts were awarded 147 merit badges:

Travis Abshire: First Aid, Swimming, Art, Coin Collecting, Leatherwork, Photography, Railroading, Skating
Bevan Balvanz: Communications, Family Life, Small Boat Sailing, Wilderness Survival
Andy Feldman: Basketry, Leatherwork, Metal Working, Orienteering, Photography, Pioneering
Brian Graf: Archery, Fire Safety, Indian Lore, Orienteering, Small Boat Sailing, Wilderness Survival
Dempsey Hunt: Leatherwork, Oceanography, Railroading, Wood Carving
Scott Johnson: Camping, Lifesaving, Fire Safety, Genealogy, Oceanography, Photography, Railroading, Rifle, Skating
Steven Johnson: Citizenship in the World, Family Life, Lifesaving, Fire Safety, Mammal Study, Oceanography, Railroading, Rifle, Skating, Soil and Water Conservation
Jason Kankis: Citizenship in the Community, Communications, Lifesaving, Fire Safety, Oceanography, Photography, Rifle, Skating, Snow Sports
Luke Lentz: First Aid, Archery, Fire Safety, Oceanography, Rifle
Jason Lentz: Fire Safety, Oceanography
Rian Long: Emergency Preparedness, Archery, Rifle, Wilderness Survival
Kyle Lucas: Metal Working, Motor Boating, Small Boat Sailing
Mike Martel: Family Life, Personal Fitness, Water Skiing
Nikolas Mentakis: Basketry, Leatherwork, Orienteering, Small Boat Sailing, Wilderness Survival
Sean Mitchell: First Aid, Swimming, Fire Safety, Leatherwork, Skating
Carter Moore: Archery, Rifle, Wilderness Survival
Alex Oushakoff: Personal Fitness, Basketry, Cooking, Fire Safety, Fishing, Golf, Mammal Study, Oceanography, Sculpting, Snow Sports
Ian Oushakoff: Communications, Emergency Preparedness, Personal Fitness, Basketry, Canoeing, Fire Safety, Oceanography, Railroading, Sculpting
Nyles Oushakoff: First Aid, Swimming, Archery, Fire Safety, Fishing, Oceanography
Gregory Prouty: First Aid, Fire Safety, Motor Boating, Small Boat Sailing
Ryan Prouty: Emergency Preparedness, Personal Fitness, Basketry, Canoeing, Fire Safety, Railroading, Sculpting
Andy Schultz: Personal Fitness, Archery, Rifle, Wilderness Survival
Chris Utterback: Family Life, Fire Safety, Skating
DJ Williams: Fire Safety, Oceanography, Photography, Railroading, Wood Carving
Jacob Wolhart: Citizenship in the World, Personal Fitness, Fire Safety, Golf, Railroading, Skating
Cole Zenker: First Aid, Archery, Art, Environmental Science, Railroading, Skating, Wilderness Surviva

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