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ATM machine

A truck pulling the cable wrapped around the bottom of the ATM machine wasn't enough to overcome the bolts that hold the ATM to the floor.  (Photos: Rancho Murieta Security)

In a 90-second break-in, robbers entered the Country Store and Burger King in the early hours of Sunday and attempted unsuccessfully to tear out the ATM machine inside.

On Monday, Security Chief Greg Remson said that about 3:50 a.m. Sunday Gate Officer Brenda Murphy heard an alarm coming from the Country Store.  Security Officer Tom Coyle responded and found Burger King’s front door had been broken out but the burglars were not present.

According to Remson, a check of store surveillance cameras showed a pickup truck backing to the door and a robber throwing a large rock through the glass door.  The robber then entered the store and wrapped a large cable and chain around the ATM.  The cable was attached to the rear of the pickup, which tried twice to pull the ATM out of the store.


The door's glass was broken with a rock.

They didn’t succeed because the ATM was bolted to the store’s floor, Remson said.

Within 90 seconds, the burglars gave up the attempt and fled, Remson said.

Deputies who responded told Remson this was the fourth incident of the type in the county.  In the first three incidents, stolen vehicles were used, Remson said.

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