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Burglars broke in the front door of the Plaza's Ace Hardware overnight and got away with the store's safe, authorities reported Thursday.

The South Gate received a call at 1:45 a.m. from an alarm company reporting an alarm had been triggered at the store, Security Chief Greg Remson said.  He said a Security officer responded, found the store's glass door broken out, and then awaited the arrival of deputies.

Remson provided these details:

When the deputies arrived, the business was checked but no one was found.  The owners arrived and checked the store's surveillance tape.

Hardware store

Despite the broken door, the hardware store was open for business Thursday.

It showed a car, possibly a small SUV, drive around the back of the store and then stop in front.  Two males got out of the car, with the driver still inside, and walked to the front door, where one broke the glass with a rock.

The two went inside, stopping briefly to check one of the cash registers, which are always emptied at night.  Then they went to the office and broke in the door, ransacking the file cabinets and drawers before one of them picked up the safe and carried it to the car.

Remson said sheriff's investigators checked for fingerprints and reviewed the surveillance tape.  The investigators will try to enhance the tape's images to help identify the criminals and vehicle that was used, Remson said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Security at 354-3743 or the Sheriff's Department at the Wilton Service Center, 687-8774.

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Thanks for the news tip

Thank you to RM.com member Carrie Dodson for posting news of this burglary this morning.

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