It was a (relatively) cold and (very) windy Sunday morning day at Stonehouse Field II. But that did not prevent the Bandits and Mother Lode Miners from entertaining a healthy group of cranks to a Vintage Base Ball Game. It was also the first time in three years that the Bandits have prevailed over a strong Miners team. The 5-1 score was fueled by strong hurling from the likes of "Shooter, Splint, Calaboose, Junk Yard Dog, and Penny." The Bandit strikers also put the pressure on a solid Miner Defense, with "T-Bone, Calaboose, Leather, and Reaper" leading the charge by knocking in base runners.


The contest featured both clubs donning their vintage uniforms and the colorful nicknames that make the game so much fun (i.e., Deuce Hog, Bullett, Philthy, Manley). Bandit Muffins, "Leather," "Reaper," and "Pumpkin" logged ther first game experience, and it was a treat having them aboard. All the while, passers by inquired if "THAT" is the glove we use (generally a work or gardening glove), and why a foul ball is not a strike.


All in all, it was a great time out for the Bandits, Miners, and all the cranks that are learning more about the history of our game. The Gold Country Vintage Ball League prides itself in maintaining a family/interactive atmosphere. Should the official have a question about a call in the field, he will turn to the ballists and cranks for some input. This year also features one dollar fines for spitting, cursing, and unkept uniforms, as per the tradition of 1800's base ball. Keep your eye out for this part of the show!


Opening Day for the Bandits is Sunday April 19th at 11AM. The Bandits square off against the Ione Preston Nine, a team full of "original" Bandits prior to the Rancho Murieta - Ione split from 2007. The afternoon game (1:30PM) features the Mother Lode Miners and the Sierra Highlanders clubs.


Rancho Murieta Rotary will be manning the barbeque, so that the day is complete with traditional food and beverage. The Bandits and GCVBB wish to thank Rotary for their continued support of the home club and the League. See you all at the park!


Any questions, you can visit the league/team website at or contact Blake Carmichael at


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