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A portion of Rancho Murieta North will be without cable and broadband for an hour today as the cable system rebuild moves into that area, according to the Rancho Murieta Association.

Here's an e-mail sent by the RMA Saturday morning:

Today (Sat.) the system rebuild moves into Node 4 (located on Rio Oso Drive).(The area from Puerto Drive on the north, 2nd Guadalupe on the south and includes Rio Blanco, Venado, Via Del Cerrito, and other styreets in the Rio Oso area.)

See full details and the map showing the areas affected in the Weekly Rebuild Update on www.ranchomurieta.org .

The entire node will be out for about an hour as a new power supply is installed and then small areas will be going on and off as every piece of equipment in the node is replaced.

Full details are on our web site at www.ranchomurieta.org

Sorry for the disruption.

RMA Cable & Broadband


Here's what the RMA's site says:

Sept. 25-Oct. 9

Node 4 serving the north-central section of Rancho Murieta North will be completely upgraded.

All equipment in the node will be replaced.
This will effect all homes in the area highlighted on the map above. All homes in this area will have service outages lasting from a few hours to 1-2 days during this 2 week period.
Service should be restored by 6 PM each evening.

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