Catching the ring of fire (by accident)


Bill Gengler, dean of the RM photographic community, went out in pursuit of an eclipse photo Sunday and came back with this happy accident. He explains, "I couldn't get a shot of the ring of fire cause I was using the camera to shoot directly at the sun. You can see the bright sun, can't you? But, if you look below and to the left, you will see the solar eclipse as it was duplicated in the sky. The photo was taken at about 6:35 pm. Honest, I didn't put it in there. I did see on TV reports that the sun was sending images of itself through the trees etc. to be seen on walls. I was really getting frustrated, but wow." Anybody else try to photograph the eclipse?

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Steven W King
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I took a few shots at it

I took a few shots at it from our front yard on Abierto using a dark tinted piece of glass as a filter. I will TRY to attach one to this post.



I don't think this is going to open so I'll try another post.


Benjamin Shaw
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I tried too...with a little (or a lot) imagination... can see the moon. I wish I had a solar filter! Still, I failed...