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Rio Oso

The day after a storm roared through the community, residents and work crews assessed the damage and tackled the clean-up. This tree on Rio Oso Drive was one of the larger ones felled by the high winds and heavy rains of Tuesday’s storm. Many more trees lost limbs and branches.


In Murieta Village, trees fell on sheds located next to two homes on Jurata Court. “Both sheds were totaled and nobody’s house was damaged,” said Jackie Miner as she cleared away debris outside this shed at her mother’s house.

Club cleanup

“It’s all just a big mess but nothing drastic,” said Rich Scholes, course superintendent for the Country Club. This was a clean-up effort at Hole 17 on the South Course. Both courses were closed in the wake of the storm.


The storm toppled an oak at the driving range. It was one of several downed trees, but, considering the storm’s ferocity, Scholes said he was surprised there weren’t more losses.


A toppled crepe myrtle on Puerto Drive still had blossoms as well as leaves.

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Great Job Rod

 Just a word of thanks to Rod Hart and his able crew.  Our street took quite a beating during  the storm.  Rod's quick and thorough response to our downed trees and resulting debris was most appreciated.  This type of service, however, is nothing new.  Rod his staff have been taking care of business here for well over twenty years.  

Managers  in Rancho Murieta come and go .  We are lucky Rod & his folks have always been here.  Thanks again for getting soaked to the skin on our behalf.

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