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Tainted Love

Red square Photo gallery: 35 shots of the crowd and the show

It was a dance party at Lake Clementia Saturday night as San Francisco band Tainted Love made a return visit to once again close the Entertainment, Theatre & Culture concert season in a big way. The holiday crowd was among ETC’s largest, picnics on the blanket-covered slopes were feasts, and the ‘80s music the seven-member group performed was epic, featuring hits by Bryan Adams, Madonna, John Mellencamp, David Bowie and other icons. A little boy provided one of the night’s memorable moments after he was lifted onto the stage and began an inspired dance that wowed the audience and even the band. The evening began with a performance by Rancho Murieta’s own Cooks In the Kitchen and a thank you to ETC board members, who were introduced from the stage. Was your kid one of the ones who posed in the group shot at the start of the show? Click to the next page to see. Click photo for larger image.

Crowd of kids

One of the show's ETC hosts, Andi Passmore, invited all the kids in the crowd to come out onto the dance floor for a photo. More than 50 of them did. Click photo for larger image.

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Corrected band name

This caption has been corrected to name the correct opening act for the show.

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Thank you ETC volunteers

Thank you so very much for another fantastic concert season!  We had a wonderful time at the concerts and appreciate all you have done to provide this and so much more for our community.  

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